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3 Important Safety Tips When Buying Toys For Kids

Safety Tips In Buying Toys for Kids

One’s childhood memories are not complete without toys. Toys are an important part of children’s holistic development. It’s not hard to look for toys that children will love, you can buy some in your favorite gifts store. Toys also evolved over the years but became instrumental learning tools for the little ones. Unfortunately, toys can also cause injuries if you are not careful enough. 

Little children are the most susceptible to these kinds of dangers. Children tend to satisfy their curiosity by putting objects in their mouths or touching them. Which, if left unattended, can cause every parent’s worst nightmare. Toys seem harmless until unwanted incidents happen such as toy-related injuries and choking.


What to consider when buying toys for kids 

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission is responsible for monitoring and regulating toys. Some things to keep in mind when buying toys for the little ones include the following: 

  • Make sure the toys or art materials are “non-toxic” or “lead-free”. These words are usually printed in bold in the packaging so it will be easier to see 
  • Any toy made of fabric (stuffed toys, dolls, etc.) should be flame-resistant and washable. 
  • Coloring materials such as paint and crayons should have the ASTM D-4236. It means the materials are checked and evaluated by the American Society for Testing and Materials
  • Check sound-making toys such as rattles, musical toys, squeak toys. If it’s too loud, it could damage the child’s hearing. 

Hand-me-down toys (as long as “used but not abused”) can help in saving money unlike spending on new toys. However, old or used toys might not meet the required safety standards, so be careful when receiving or giving out used toys as well. 


Safety tips in buying toys for kids 

Buying toys depend on how old the child is. Nonetheless, here are safety tips on buying toys for kids. 


For infants 

Be extra careful when buying toys for infants, and make sure that the toys do not have glass parts, or pointed or sharp edges. Aside from toys, make sure to keep your home baby-proof as well. For example, put some kind of soft padding on table corners, or cover the electric socket when not in use and keep them away from the child’s reach. Do not buy small toys for them as babies might put them in their mouths and cause choking. 

Best toys: Rattle toys, pop up books, shape sorters


For toddlers 

Choose toys that are made from durable materials as kids in this age range tend to throw, smash, or tear things. Steer clear from small items as well. When buying craft paints, make sure it is non-toxic. Check for strings and cords that could cause accidental strangling or choking. 

Best toys: Dollhouses, kitchen sets, dolls 


For early grade schoolers

Avoid toys with sharp edges or points, or anything made with glass or wood. Keep an eye on your child when playing with electric or battery-operated toys. 

Best toys: Bikes, skateboards (together with protective gear), books, remote-controlled cars


No matter what toy you buy for your children, adult supervision should be made to prevent unwanted injuries and accidents. When looking for toys in a gift store in Franklin TN, make sure to take note of the above tips for happy kids, guaranteed!

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