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3 Important Things to Look For in Winter Gloves

What to Look for in Winter Gloves

Choosing the right gloves or mittens is a must especially for this cold season. The right pair of winter gloves will make the huge difference between a warm, snuggly trip and freezing and uncomfortable fingers throughout. Shopping for winter gloves should not be as difficult and tedious as you think. These are available in your favorite shops and boutique stores near you. 


Shopping for winter gloves 

Before you start shopping for winter gloves or mittens, think about where to use them for. For example, you need gloves that are suitable for highly-aerobic activities such as cross-country skiing and snowboarding. Other features to look for are waterproofness, insulation, breathability, and even touch-screen compatibility. 

Also, you need to know the difference between gloves and mittens. On the one hand, both offer warmth and comfort for your hands during cold weather. But between the two, gloves offer more dexterity so you have more freedom to do various tasks using your hands. 

Mittens, on the other hand, offer more warmth than gloves. It may not be as dextrous as gloves but still lets you hold objects nonetheless. And then there is also a thing as a “lobster”, a combination of a glove and mitten, and 3-in-1 gloves and mittens which usually consists of a shell mitten or glove, and a detachable liner mitten or glove. 


Common features of gloves and mittens 

By now, you already know what to look for in a glove or a mitten. But it is better to know more details about the common features of gloves and mittens and why these are important when choosing one. 



There are two types of insulation used in mittens and gloves, and these are: 

  • Down – known for its light, breathable, and durable material. Also more expensive than synthetic, but offers good value over time. On the downside, it may not insulate well when it is wet and needs to be used with a waterproof shell to protect it from wetness. Ideal for snowboarding and skiing. 
  • Synthetic – less expensive, and a good choice to use in damp climates. Its downside includes less warmth, it is bulkier than down. 


Compatible with touch screens 

The majority of people use touch screen mobile gadgets nowadays. That is why many manufacturers made gloves and mittens usable with touch screens. Such a feature is very useful as you can use your smartphone or tablet without removing your gloves anymore. 


Size and fit 

A good glove or mittens should fit snugly in your hands, keep them warm, and maintain your dexterity. Too big, and it won’t provide enough warmth and dexterity you need. Too small, and it could restrict movement and make you feel uncomfortable. 


Other features to look for in a glove or a mitten are: 

  • Thumb wipes (useful when wiping your nose when you have colds) 
  • Zippered pockets 
  • Wrist cinches (for a snugglier, more secure fit)
  • Leather palms (for better grip and anti-abrasion) 


Wearing gloves or mittens is a must during this winter season. If you are looking for the perfect gloves or mittens, visit a boutique store in Franklin TN. Choose from a wide variety of winter items including gloves and mittens. 

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