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3 Proven Tips to Improve E-Commerce Customer Service

How to Have an Exceptional E-Commerce Customer Service

Offering excellent customer service should be easier on e-commerce sites. On the one hand, face-to-face interactions are unnecessary which is a plus for those who prefer a job as a non-voice customer service personnel. However, the absence of face-to-face interaction in an online business may not be as satisfying as one you would experience in a brick-and-mortar store. 

But there are still ways to improve customer service for your online business. Aside from offering quality products online, good customer service is actually one of the most important things every business has to build and maintain over time. Providing good customer service should be on top of every business owner’s mind.

If you want to be ahead of the competition, make sure to work on providing an excellent brand experience to your customers. One way is upping your customer service game. Here’s what you should do to achieve that and to maintain a good relationship with your clients. 


All about e-commerce customer service 

It is the same as traditional customer service: the company addresses customers’ needs and other concerns throughout the entire sales transaction. It could mean dealing with a complaint, product feedback or review, and other questions a customer might have. E-commerce customer service can be by email, phone, text message, and other channels. 

No business is perfect as far as products and services are concerned. There will be some issues that may come out every now and then which can put off customers. This is where customer service comes in. Good customer service is a reflection of your values as a company. People love a brand that cares for its customers and satisfies their needs. 


Tips on providing the best e-commerce customer service 

Customer service is a crucial part of every business. It creates leads and helps in building a good relationship with your customers. That is why you should make effort on improving your e-commerce business’ customer service. 


Offer options for your customers. 

As an online business owner, you should offer assorted options for your customers to choose from. The same should also apply to customer service. Various contact options are now available such as using live chats, text messaging, filling up a contact form, or calling the toll-free number or other contact numbers provided. Don’t forget to follow up after the concerns are addressed. 


Always ask for feedback.

Learn about what your customers think about your brand by asking for feedback. Expect not to hear all positive feedback. Do not take any bad feedback personally. Rather, any feedback should be helpful to improve your service and your business. Much better if your customer service hotline is available 24/7.


Offer free shipping. 

Customers love anything free. So if you offer free shipping, it would mean a lot to them. Shipping can cost quite an amount, and saving a couple of dollars from shipping can go a long way. Or if any misunderstandings happen (ex. Product defect, complaints, etc.), try going the extra mile by offering replacements or any freebie to compensate for any hassles that occurred. 


Customer service plays an important role in establishing a good reputation with your target buyers. People love brands that care for their well-being more than earning profit from the business. The Holidays are just around the corner, so make sure to check out the best variety store in Franklin TN for your every need!

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