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3 Surprising Household Items You Can Use to Clean Furniture

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A house is not complete without some beautiful pieces of furniture. They can add to your home’s overall aesthetic appeal. They can be a great conversation topic, too. Whether you prefer modern or antique furniture, make sure to buy only from trusted home décor and furniture stores. There are a lot of furniture designs nowadays that you can choose from which will be suitable for your home. 

But like any other thing that we own, your precious furniture also wears out over time. People sit on the living room furniture most of the time. You and your family eat meals at the dining table. Working at home is more common nowadays, so your office desk table is more often in use. 

There is no doubt of how furniture does a lot for homeowners like you. That is why you should give love back to your pieces of furniture if you want to keep them for many more years. Naturally, you would grab a couple of cleaning materials you could find in your local store. 


Organic cleaning materials for your furniture 

It is a must to clean your furniture at home if you want them to last for years. If you think cleaning furniture means buying all of the expensive furniture cleaning arsenals, then good news! You don’t need to spend much on furniture cleaning sprays, creams, and oils. The best cleaning tools might already be in your home!

If you want to save money and time, check out these organic furniture cleaning materials. You might be surprised that these items are already in your pantry or closet. Not to mention surprising to learn that you can actually use these to clean your home furniture. 


Shoe polish 

Apparently, shoe polish is not only for shoes but also for cleaning the furniture. It can also hide small nicks and scratches on wooden surfaces. Make sure to place the shoe polish container in a warm spot so it can soften first. That way, the polish will be easier to spread and it will penetrate the furniture material more easily.

Use a clean, soft cloth to wipe the polish on the furniture surface. Shoe polish works best with wooden furniture. Darker polish works best with darker wood furniture. Meanwhile, the light brown polish works better with light-colored wood like walnut. 


Olive oil 

Not only is olive oil great for cooking but also for polishing unpainted wooden furniture. You don’t have to worry about buying another bottle just for cleaning your furniture. Just a small amount of the oil will suffice for the polishing job. 

If you have old wooden furniture chairs and tables at home, pour a small amount of olive oil on a clean, soft cloth. Then rub the olive oil on the furniture surface until you see it shine and look brand-new again. 



Rub a small amount of mayonnaise on a clean, soft cloth onto the furniture surface. Leave it overnight, then wipe it clean with a soft cloth. Better yet, use a placemat or coaster to prevent watermarks on your wooden furniture. 

Note that these household items work on wood furniture. But regardless of the type of furniture that you have, you should take care of them through proper cleaning tools and maintenance. Meanwhile, you can visit a trusted home décor and furniture store in Franklin TN for special finds and timeless gifts for your home. 

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