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3 Tips to Avoid Food Aggression Among Your Pets

Dealing with Food Aggression Among Pets

Sibling rivalry doesn’t only happen among humans, it happens among pets, too. This happens especially during mealtime. That is why their “hoomans” should do something to resolve conflict among your pets. Otherwise, mealtime will be a nightmare every time. 

Like humans, pets also deserve all the love and care from us, humans. You can buy lots of pet-related items from a friendly neighborhood pets and gifts store near you. Our pets also deserve the nice things in life. But at the same time, we need to understand our pets and how to avoid conflicts that can potentially cause harm and injuries. 


Dealing with food aggression 

As mentioned, rivalry also happens to pets, especially during mealtime. Dogs, for example, have this instinct that if only they could talk, they would usually say “that’s mine!” or “stop touching me!”. Pet owners with multiple pets are not new to this kind of domestic situation.

Our pets cannot speak like us. You would know there’s something wrong with their body language. For example, dogs tend to stiffen up or glare at the other pet when the latter is attempting to take a bite of a treat, followed by a low growl or showing its teeth. The worst-case scenario is when your pets end up fighting and hurting themselves. 

The main goal is to prevent these incidents and ensure peace and calm among your pets. And of course, ensure a stress-free household on your part. Not addressing food aggression can cause injuries and even the risk of experiencing bloating (due to the food gulping down like a dog’s defense mechanism). 


How to avoid food aggression between dogs 

Dealing with food aggression among dogs can be challenging. Even if you have had pets for some time now, this could be an inevitable situation especially if you are introducing a new pet in your household.

These steps will help you deal with food aggression and ensure that every pet in your household is well-managed and loved. 


Do not let your pets share a food or water bowl. 

Animals especially dogs tend to be territorial. So make sure that your pets also have things they can call their own. It could be their sleeping spot and also their feeding bowls. Speaking of feeding bowls, make sure to designate each pet of their own to avoid aggression and make mealtime more peaceful. When done, pick up their food bowls and keep them out of sight until the next meal. 


Assign eating areas per pet. 

This will also avoid conflicts during mealtime. At the same time, make them feel secure while they are eating and ensure a personal space for each pet. It is also a good idea 


Try hand-feeding your pets. 

Doing this will let your pets know that you are in charge. At the same time, they will be assured that they will get enough food for all of themselves. No favoritism, which is a no-no when you have children and more so when you have pets. 


Food aggression is a common issue among pet owners. But the good news is that it can be managed. By following the above tips, you can be ensured of a more peaceful and fun human-pet relationship. Want more pet stuff for your beloved pet companions? Visit a gifts store in Franklin TN today!

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