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3 Useful Tips on Storing Furniture

Furniture Storage Options

Buying a new house you can call your own is a huge milestone for any working adult. Renting an apartment or condo unit is also a practical choice if it is near your workplace. Still, nothing beats having your own home because it is also a good investment later on.  

But owning a house does not stop there. You also need to invest in household items such as furniture and appliances. Speaking of furniture, it isn’t hard to find one anymore. You can check out a furniture store or a boutique store nearby if you want some unique pieces for your home. 


How to store furniture 

For one thing, you need storage furniture where you can put and organize your stuff. It can be used to store your children’s toys, display your scented candle collection, and stash other items you are not sure where to put such as the remote control and phone chargers. 

However, you also need to take care of your furniture regardless of its purpose. If you need to store furniture that is not in use in the meantime, you need to do it right to keep it in pristine shape for long. Here are tips you should do to store your furniture properly. 


Clean furniture first before storing it 

Before storing any furniture, make sure to clean them first. Although you might not notice it immediately in the naked eye, furniture also tends to collect dirt and debris that can be detrimental to its material quality. That is why you should take this essential step if you are planning to store furniture for a couple of months. 

Get rid of dirt, dust, grime, and other kinds of stains on your furniture before storing it. Otherwise, it could be harder to clean off once you take it out of storage. Cleaning furniture need not be too complicated, you need a dry cloth to get rid of dust and a wet cloth to remove stains. Then again, the right cleaning method depends on the type of furniture you have and keep it looking new every time.


Cover your furniture when you store it. 

You still need to protect your furniture upon storing it. Cover your furniture with something to keep dust and debris from settling and causing stains on its surface. For example, you can use bubble wrap to cushion fragile items such as a ceramic lamp or a glass tabletop.

However, do not use this to other types of furniture as it can cause moisture and lead to cracks and mold. In this case, you should use drop cloths or fabric material to cover wood, metal, and upholstery furniture. Drape the cloth loosely to ensure enough air circulation while the furniture is covered. 


Store furniture in a controlled space. 

Meaning, the storage area has to have the right temperature and be in generally good condition. Storage areas with high humidity levels can lead to mold and be detrimental to the furniture material. The storage area should have enough space for air to circulate and ensure that the space is not cramped. 


No matter what your furniture is, you need to know how to store it the right way. For your home storage needs, do check out a trustworthy specialty store in Franklin TN. 

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