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3 Ways NOT to Heat Your Home - And What to Do Instead

How to Warm Up Your Home

Those living in tropical countries, they could only wish to experience winter at least once in their lives. But winter is not always as dreamy and magical as a lot of people think. For one, a heater is a must in your home unless you end up shivering throughout the cold, dark season. 

If you are living in a country that has a winter season, the last thing you want is a broken heater. When that happens, you have no choice but to use other means to warm and cozy up your home. For example, décor candles can keep your home warm and also help improve the aura and mood in your home. 

Fireplaces are non-existent in apartments as well. So before you heat your unit, make sure for your safety as well. In case you do not know yet, not all home heating methods are safe and effective. Here are some heating alternatives that you should avoid to ensure your home’s safety, and safer heating alternatives instead. 


Should you use the oven to heat your home? 

Who doesn’t want the smell of freshly-baked goodies, and the warmth wafting throughout the room upon opening the oven? Sure, it is comforting especially during cold weather. But when you use the oven alone to heat the room, that’s another story. Don’t do it!

One, it can cause injuries especially if you accidentally come into contact with a hot oven. This is more likely if you plan on leaving the oven door open in an attempt to warm up a cold room. Worse is that unwanted injuries happen when there are young kids or pets in the house. It could even cause carbon monoxide poisoning if you are using a gas oven and not be able to use it properly. 


Why you should not use a hot shower to warm up a room

At some point, you might have also considered running the hot shower to warm up your home. However, it could only warm up the bathroom and the nearby area outside it. Not only you will wastewater but also cause condensation and mold and mildew formation. That is to say that using a hot shower to heat your home is not an eco-friendly solution. 


When should you light up a candle at home? 

Candles are both aesthetic and functional and set the mood in your home. Not to mention make your house smell good. However, you should not rely on candles to heat your home. For one, candles are a potential fire hazard. Candle drips can also cause burns and even stain your wooden furniture or fabrics. 


How to warm up your home safely 

Here are tips to warm up your home effectively and safely. 

  • Use a humidifier that has warm and cold air options. 
  • Use the stove and oven more frequently during the cold season, but make sure not to let young kids and pets go near it. Use the oven only after baking, not as the main heat source. 
  • Snuggle into a warm comforter, wear thick socks, and hang out near the fireplace (if you have one at home). 
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