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4 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying a Table Lamp

Tips on Choosing a Table Lamp

Apart from having your permanent lighting fixture in every part of the house, it is also a good idea to have a table lamp. It comes in different shapes and designs that will suit every person’s preference and extra illumination needs. Most of them are more affordable, can be placed and carried around, and consumes less electricity because you can use them only as needed. 

It is not hard to look for table lamps, either. You can check out your friendly neighborhood home furnishing store and home improvement stores near you. But first, you need to know how to choose the right table lamp for your home.


Common mistakes when buying a table lamp 

For one thing, you should not only base table lamps on their appearance but other important factors such as light brightness, distribution, and electricity consumption. Make sure not to commit these common mistakes when buying a table lamp. 


Choosing the wrong light color 

Not only you should choose a nice-looking table lamp but also the lamp’s light color. There are table lamps with incandescent, fluorescent, or LED light bulbs. Incandescent light tends to be yellowish and could be uncomfortable in the eyes. Lighting is important in setting the room’s overall mood and aura. 

So do check first different kinds of light bulbs first before buying a table lamp. Some bulbs give out a warm light, others are white and look more natural, and some have a cool hue. Better yet, look for lamps with a combination of different light colors for different times of the day and occasions (ex. dimmer light during dinner time, brighter when there are guests, etc.) 


Choosing the wrong lampshade 

As mentioned, check different lamp shades first before you buy them. For example, avoid buying lamps that are too tall because their brightness can be too overwhelming. Better to buy a table lamp that is at eye level. Choosing lamps that are too wide is not an ideal choice, either. Instead, it is better to choose one with a diameter around 2 inches less than the base length. So if you have a 12-inch tall lamp, the shade should be 10 inches in diameter, at maximum. White and black shades are popular colors, but you can also mix other shade colors to experiment with lighting options. 


Mixing different lamp styles 

Mixing and matching different table lamp styles is a bold move, but can deliver interesting results. However, there are still rules you should consider when doing so. For example, try mixing lamps with a similar shade, color, shape, or metal finish. That way, there is still somewhat a variety but they won’t look like they have been put there by random. 


Not considering the lamp weight. 

You should also consider the lamp’s weight. For example, a heavier lamp may be a safer and better choice. Lighter lamps tend to get knocked over easier especially when kids and pets are running around. Better yet, you can put the lamp in a low-traffic area to prevent accidents. 


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