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4 Different Types of Mirrors You Need to Know


Imagine life without mirrors. You cannot simply go out of the house without taking a glance in the mirror. Making sure that the clothes fit perfectly, your makeup is flawlessly applied, or you don’t have something in your teeth. But did you know that you can also use mirrors to add oomph to your interiors? 

You can always find a lot of mirrors in different shapes and sizes in a home décor store in your area. Mirrors are both aesthetic (depending on the design and size you choose) and functional. These can even hide imperfections such as holes and scratches. A must-have in every home, nonetheless. 

Mirrors also create the illusion of space and make a small room look bigger than actual. It also makes a room look brighter and more welcoming. So what kind of mirrors should you have at home? Here’s what you need to know in choosing mirrors for your home. 


A little history about mirrors

We have to thank this German chemist named Justus von Liebig for inventing the modern mirror in the 1800s. However, mirrors were already being used 8,000 years ago and were often made from obsidian and polished metal.

Back then, only the well-off can afford mirrors. Today, anyone can use a mirror, and comes in different shapes and sizes. You can put them in your pocket or hang them on the walls. 

Modern mirrors are usually made from glass coated in aluminum or silver. The additional metal component makes the mirror reflective. However, mirrors are not meant to be magnetic despite their metal component. 


Types of mirrors for homes 

There are different types of mirrors made for specific purposes. Here are some of the most popular ones. 


Plane mirrors 

This is a common type of mirror with a flat, reflective surface. Plane mirrors come in different shapes and sizes – some are circular, square, or even sun-shaped. Nonetheless, plane mirrors are one simple but elegant pieces of décor that are perfect in living rooms and bedrooms. 


Acoustic mirrors 

People are most likely less familiar with acoustic mirrors or parabolic sound mirrors. These are made from concrete instead of the usual glass material. Instead of reflecting images, these types of mirrors are meant to reflect sound waves. Acoustic mirrors are also used in sporting events and other outdoor activities and aim to pick up sounds even from afar. 


Non-reversing mirrors

Non-reversing mirrors are also called flip mirrors and are often found in dressing rooms or public bathrooms as well as retail stores. When used for commercial purposes, these types of mirrors can fill up an entire room or wall. 


Customized mirrors 

The good news is that you can customize your mirrors as you want them to be. You can have your mirrors made according to your preference and purpose. For example, mirrors can be made as backsplashes for your kitchen or bathroom. Or design a full-length mirror for your walk-in closet. The choices are endless!


Mirrors are an important part of our lives. Not only will it help us see how we look before we step out of the house but also make our homes aesthetic and appealing. You can find a wide assortment of mirrors you can display at home in your friendly-neighborhood home décor and gifts store in Franklin TN. Feel free to visit one today!

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