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4 Question to Ask Before Buying Socks

How to Choose Socks

They’re one of the staple gift items people receive during special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas. They come in different lengths, thicknesses, patterns, and designs. They keep your feet warm and stylish at the same time. What’s life without this wonderful and snuggly foot covering we call socks?

Socks are available in your favorite specialty stores and department stores. There are socks for corporate attire, sports socks, kids’ socks… you name it, they have it! Socks help on protecting your feet from blisters and from wearing closed shoes, as well as keep them warm and comfortable. 


What to look for in buying socks 

Choosing socks may not be as simple as you think. You also need to consider several factors before buying a pair of socks. Aside from the color and design, of course! Here are important things to look for when buying socks. 


Why do you want to buy socks?

First of all, why do you want to buy socks? Are you going to wear it to your office work? Use it when doing physical activities like running or working out? If it’s the former, it is recommended to wear affordable cotton socks. If you are going to use it for any intense physical activity, opt for thicker and more durable socks. But whether plain or with cartoon designs, thin or thick, go ahead – wear your personality on your feet!


What is it made of? 

Socks are primarily meant to keep your feet snug and comfortable when wearing closed footwear. As mentioned, you should choose the right socks for the right reasons. Otherwise, it can only make your feet uncomfortable and cause pain. Our feet also contain sweat glands which means your socks should also absorb moisture. Cotton socks are a common material, but make sure you are not prone to excessive feet sweating. Nylon, wool, acrylic, or even bamboo-based fabrics are other great sock materials out there. 


How do they fit? 

When it comes to choosing socks, make sure that they look and feel good on your feet. There should be no extra fabric that can cause friction or strain on your feet. Make sure that you also consider the sock’s fit when you wear your shoes. If your shoes are tight, wearing thick socks is not a viable option and instead, be better for looser shoes. When running or hiking, better to choose socks that extend past your ankle so they won’t cause painful blisters. 


How cute your socks are? 

This is where your personal taste comes in. Then again, choosing socks depends on the purpose. Having said that, make sure to still consider function over aesthetics if you are using it for physical activities. The good news is that you can now choose from a wide variety of designs and patterns regardless of the type of socks. But when professional work calls for more formal-looking socks, opt for ones that match your slack’s color. 


Socks are not only mere feet coverings, they can be a fashion statement, too. But make sure to consider the above factors in choosing socks for personal use. A boutique store in Franklin TN offers cute and functional socks that you will surely love. Kindly check it out!

158 Front St. FRANKLIN, TN

Sanctuary South of Franklin TN, owned by Melanie Johnson and Nicki Reeves, is one of the most unique boutique home decor and gift shops in Franklin, TN.

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