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4 Questions to Ask When Buying Eyewear for Kids

What to Consider When Buying Eyeglasses for Kids

Are you a parent looking for the perfect pair of eyeglasses for your kid? The idea of your child wearing eyeglasses that early may raise some eyebrows. But it happens, and the good news is there is kids’ eyewear you can choose from. You can buy in an online variety store or visit an optical store for your kids’ eyewear needs. 

Because there are a lot of kids’ eyeglasses available, it can be confusing to choose the best one for your child. What should you consider when buying kids’ eyewear? Should you even care about the eyewear brand? Here are some important things to remember before getting eyeglasses for your child. 


Which is better eyeglass material: Metal or plastic? 

Eyeglasses are usually made either of metal or plastic and come in different colors and styles. Some kids’ eyeglass styles also mimic those of adult eyeglasses. Interestingly, a lot of kids prefer the latter because they look more adult-like. More often than not, they don’t like hand-me-down glasses that their parents or older siblings, or relatives used.

Back then, kids’ eyeglasses with plastic frames were popular options because they are durable, lightweight, and affordable. These are still available nowadays, but there are also other options to choose from such as those with metal frames. Kids would also love to have eyewear that has an attractive and modern style. 

Make sure to choose eyewear with hypoallergenic frames, as some people may be allergic to nickel or other metallic substances. Better yet, consult an optician to help you choose the best eyeglass frame material for your child. 


How thick should an eyeglasses lens be? 

The best way to determine the eyeglasses’ lens thickness is through a doctor’s prescription. Make sure to consult an optician or an eye doctor first before deciding on the lenses’ thickness.

Ideally, a child’s eyeglass lens size has a diameter between 40 and 50mm. Note that thick lenses can also distort vision, so make sure to check with the doctor your kid’s lens options. 


How should an eyeglass fit in a child? 

The eyeglasses must stay in place, or kids would have a hard time using them for their benefit. However, young children’s nose bridges aren’t fully developed, so wearing plastic glasses could be a challenge. The good news is that recently, plastic frames manufacturers have already addressed this issue and adjusted the bridges to fit kids’ small noses. 

On the other hand, eyeglasses with metal frames often have adjustable nose pads which could fit better on young children’s nose bridges. Then again, you should still consult an optician before your child wears metal eyeglasses as it could lead to allergic reactions. 


What is the best eyeglass temple style for kids? 

The temples refer to the long stems of the eyeglass frames that connect the lens frames behind your ears. It keeps the eyeglasses from falling off the kid’s face and keeps the eyeglasses in place.

We are all familiar with the standard eyeglass temples that go behind the ears. But for kids, there is also such thing as the wraparound or cable temples. These are common on metal frames and specially-made for young children to keep the eyeglasses in place. 


You should consult an eye doctor for your kid’s eyewear needs. Also, you can check out other kids’ eyewear accessories for your child in a variety store in Franklin TN

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