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4 Reasons Why You Should Bring a Notebook with You All The Time

Benefits of Writing

If you are asked whether you know someone who doesn’t have a smartphone yet, everyone’s response would be most likely “none”. A smartphone has almost everything you need – from simple calls and texts and Internet browsing, to emails and even using different apps that suit your preference and lifestyle. You can also buy phone accessories in a boutique store near you

But perhaps it could be healthy to take time away from gadgets every now and then and replace it with a notebook. Notebooks are not just for school use – you can also use this to unleash your inner creativity. You can write or doodle anything in your notebook, whatever comes to mind. 


Why you should bring a notebook with you 

Ideas come into mind in unexpected times. You can type those ideas away on your phone. Or you can use a notebook to do that. Here are reasons why you should bring a notebook with you anywhere you go. 


It is multipurpose. 

As mentioned, you can write or doodle anything on your notebook which is why it is versatile. You can write down your thoughts like a diary, grocery lists, monthly budget, and anything else you have in mind.

Some also use notebooks to doodle and sketch just like those days when you daydream in the classroom instead of listening to your teacher. Notebooks also come in different colors, designs, and sizes. Some notebooks, you can fit in your pocket, while others are bigger. 


Handwriting is better and more efficient than typing. 

You can type your thoughts and everything you want to say on your smartphone. However, writing by hand can be more advantageous than typing. According to studies, handwriting helps you remember and process information better and think faster.

A lot of people tend to shorten words when texting and could be detrimental if you are writing formal papers. With writing, it helps you spell words better as opposed to texting as well as improve your handwriting. 


It can be beneficial for your mental health. 

People have different ways to cope with their personal problems. Some eat, others lock themselves in their rooms, others listen to music, some rant on their social media accounts. 

Meanwhile, doctors suggest journaling to maintain healthy and sound mental health. Some people are not good at expressing their thoughts verbally, which is why writing about it helps express those thoughts brewing in their minds. Writing also helps you get to know yourself more. 


You won’t worry about it running out of batteries. 

You can download apps on your phone that can help make your life more convenient. Except that these apps become useless when your phone dies out on you or gets stolen or lost. With writing lists and other thoughts, you don’t have to worry about your phone getting stolen or dying out on you while typing your thoughts. 


A notebook is not only for taking notes at school or writing down your list for your next grocery trip. You can also bring it along with you all the time in case inspiration strikes. It also comes in different materials, designs, and sizes you can choose from. So the next time you visit a boutique store in Franklin TN, make sure to check out a selection of notebooks you can bring on your next trip. 

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