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4 Things To Consider When Wearing Earrings

What to Consider When Wearing Earrings

Earrings are one of the oldest accessories used by humans since thousands of years ago. These pair of human adornment has since evolved into various shapes and sizes over the years. From simple studs and hoops to the luxuriously decorated ones with the most expensive pearls and gems, earrings are something that most women (and even men!) have in their jewelry boxes. 

This fashion/personal accessory isn’t hard to find, either. You can easily find them in a boutique store or a jewelry store near your area. But when buying jewelry, you don’t only consider the type and style of the jewelry itself, or what kind of gemstone or material it is made. It is also about wearing the right type of jewelry for the right occasion. 


Tips on choosing the right earrings 

Understandably, you will choose earrings according to your preference and personal style. There is nothing wrong with choosing earrings that you like and want to wear. However, you should also make sure that the earrings you wear suit the occasion. Not to mention will enhance your facial features. 


Consider what occasion you are planning to wear the earrings. 

As mentioned, earrings have evolved into different shapes and sizes as well as the materials used. Different types of earrings cater to different purposes or occasions. That is why you should consider the occasion in choosing what kind of earrings to wear. For weekend night outs, you can wear hoop earrings. For more formal occasions such as an awards night, wear a statement earring that will make you shine and stand out. 


Consider your skin color as well. 

There are hairstyles that go well with specific face shapes. The same goes with earrings – they should also go well with one’s face shape as well. For example, chandelier-style earrings will lessen the attention on the person’s wide forehead. For those with oval-shaped faces, any type of earrings will suit them. Simple studs and triangular earrings will emphasize your beautiful cheekbones. 


Consider your hairstyle when wearing earrings. 

Make sure to matchy-matchy your earrings with your hairstyle as it can make or break your overall look. For example, avoid wearing dangling wearing earrings when your hair is down. Stud earrings would do. On the other hand, dangling/tassel/chandelier earrings with a ponytail or high bun hair will do wonders for your appearance. 


Ask yourself if the earrings suit your personality. 

From personal experience, you would not get or buy something that doesn’t suit your fancy. Wearing hoop earrings when you are not the weekend party-girl type of person could only make you look awkward and forced. If you are the feminine and romantic type, you can opt for heart-shaped or floral earrings. Or fun geometric shapes for the urban-chic women out there. 


Earrings will bring out the best of your overall look as long as you choose one that suits your hairstyle, face shape, or occasion. These are a must-have in every woman’s styling arsenal, whether for formal events or just going for errands. Visit a boutique store in Franklin TN for a wide assortment of stylish and personal products. 

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