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4 Tips on Arranging Your Very Own Cheese Board

How to Create Yor Own Cheese Board

Do you have visitors coming over soon? Or do you just want to snack with style? Try assembling a cheese board now! Cheeseboards are popular these days, easy and fun to assemble, and will surely be a hit in every party or celebration. Before that, you need to find the right cheese board in a store near you, for your upcoming occasion… or if you just want to graze on snacks to feel better. 


Tips on assembling a cheese board

First of all, assembling a cheese board should not be as complicated as you think. For one, it will minimize the piling of dirty dishes in the sink. You also have the freedom to put a variety of foods that will be a standout at every party. 


Aside from your favorite cheese, you can put any food you want like fruits, biscuits, cold cuts, and so on. You can also create a kids’ version of this snack board that your little ones and their friends will surely love! Here are tips on assembling a cheese board. 


Start with the basics. 

Don’t stress yourself what to put on the food board. Of course, you should include different kinds of cheese on it. But as mentioned, you can also put other kinds of food of your choice such as crackers, nuts, fruits, something sweet or savory or both. 


Make sure to serve the cheese at the right temperature. 

It is said that cheese tastes wonderful at room temperature. So, best if you take the cheese out an hour before your guests arrive. Cheese connoisseurs also suggest placing different knives for each type of cheese you are going to serve. You can also pre-cut the cheese so that the guest can have their equal share, and make sure that the cheese is still cold when you cut it. 


Go for variety. 

Make the grazing board eye-candy and diverse flavor-wise. But better if you keep the assortment of cheese your main attraction. Create a wide variety of cheese options, from creamy and aged, semi to hard, and even blue cheese. Cut them in different shapes and sizes for some added aesthetic appeal. 


Cheeseboard must-haves 

Of course, the cheeses will be the star of the show. But also include other snacks and “finger foods”. This can include crusty pieces of bread such as baguettes, or crackers/crisps. You can also include gluten-free options for those on a special diet or food intake. Avoid including flavored crackers or bread as they could overpower the flavor of the cheeses. 


As mentioned, you can also include cured meats or cold cuts such as dried sausages or prosciutto. Arrange the meat in style for added visual appeal. You can also include fruits such as grapes, apples, and pears which can complement the salty and savory taste of cheese. Try dried fruits too in place of seasonal fruits, such as prunes, apricots, or figs. 


Don’t forget to add nuts such as almonds, pistachios, or walnuts. Lastly, add sweet jam or honey that you can alternate spreading on crackers. Check out cheese board designs from a boutique store in Franklin TN and make your cheeseboard party a reality!

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