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4 Tips to Amp Up Your Living Room By Optimizing Colors

Optimizing Living Room Colors

Every part of the house offers a specific benefit for homeowners, not only for its obvious purpose but also for emotional reasons. For example, the bathroom is a place to clean ourselves and also to relax after a busy day. Your bedroom is a place where you can get a good night’s sleep (or a quick afternoon nap), recharge your mind and body, and show your personality by how you decorate the room

The same goes with your living room. It is the “public” area of your home where you and your family gather for a movie night or entertain guests whether there’s a special occasion or just a random visit to your home. The challenge will be how to decorate it that everyone who sees it will love it regardless of their personal tastes. 


How to decorate your living room that everyone will love 

You don’t have to pressure yourself to make your home as luxurious as those with popular celebrities’ houses. All it takes is to make your home look more welcoming and a little bit toned down from being too formal. By using the right colors and patterns, you can make your humble abode exude that “feel free to come in” aura by following these tips. 


Choose a solid base. 

Instead of choosing a bold pattern or color to dress up your living room, you can opt for neutral colors such as gray, black, white, or beige. These colors will serve as solid bases that you can combine with different patterns and other colors. You can change colors and patterns as you like as long as you keep the base colors. 


Add patterned pillows. 

Add a pop of color to your sofa set by using patterned pillows. Subdued and loud colors will surely clash but in a good way. Make sure to choose colors that would best compliment the base colors and features nice patterns and shapes that will easily draw everyone’s attention. 


Consider adding wallpaper. 

If you find painting walls boring or tedious, you can opt for installing wallpaper in your living room instead. There are a lot of beautiful wallpaper patterns you can choose from and add life and depth to the room. Or if you find putting wallpaper to the entire living room walls, you can install it on an accent wall for added aesthetic appeal. 


Add décor to your living room. 

Don’t be afraid to go all out when it comes to living room décor. Pillows work, and so is wallpaper. But choosing home décors such as figurines and artwork will also add life to your living room. You simply choose your preferred artwork and hang it on the wall. 


Regardless of the type of artwork you choose, make it all about you. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a watercolor or acrylic painting. Flowers, landscape, or abstract patterns, feel free to add personality to your living room through beautiful artworks. You can check out a home décor store in Franklin TN for your home improvement and design needs!

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