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4 Tips to Remove Makeup Safely and Thoroughly

Why You Should Remove Makeup Before Bedtime

After a tiring day at work and taking care of the household, all you want to do is to collapse into bed right that moment. No judgment here – we all do get tired and we deserve a good night’s rest and skip the usual night-time skincare routine. But still, taking a few minutes of your time for night-time skin care is crucial and soothing too, even simply wiping off traces of your makeup using the right skincare products available.  


Tips on removing makeup 

Cleaning your face is not as simple as washing your face with water or a wet wipe. Here are tips on removing your makeup before going to bed. 


Use micellar water. 

Micellar water has only become a thing a few years ago. For starters, micellar water is soap-free, rinse-free cleaning water with oil droplets. Pour a small amount of micellar water on a cotton ball or a clean pad and apply it to your skin. Using micellar water is also perfect for those with sensitive skin. 


Do not scrub your skin when removing makeup. 

Cleansing is important to ensure the removal of dead skin cells. But sometimes, makeup removal can be challenging especially on mascaras. Aside from eyeliner, mascara is also one of the hardest makeup to remove with simple face washing. In this case, use an oil-based makeup remover or micellar water. Do not scrub around your eye area and make sure to be gentle with it. 


Don’t use baby wipes. 

Although baby wipes contain gentler ingredients, it is not meant to get rid of stubborn makeup. Instead of using a baby wipe, opt for wipes specially made for makeup removal.


Follow post-makeup removal routines 

Taking care of your skin doesn’t have to be complicated. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser after removing your makeup. Pat your face dry and then follow up with your favorite moisturizer. 


Why you should remove your makeup before going to bed 

According to skin experts, it is not required to wipe off your makeup as long as it’s the right type. The common notion that your skin cannot “breathe” when you sleep with makeup won’t exactly wreak havoc on your skin. You would rather worry about smothering makeup on your pillows than your skin. 

Makeup in general can’t cause skin problems such as acne and pore-clogging. However, it doesn’t mean makeup can cause skin issues at some point. If you are looking for skin-friendly makeup, make sure to look for those that “won’t cause breakouts”, “won’t clog pores”, or “non-comedogenic”. 

But because a lot of people are exposed to elements such as sweat, dirt, oil, and bacteria, it is still best to wash and clean your face of any makeup traces. Environmental pollutants may accumulate and mix with your makeup and cause unwanted skin issues. So still, make sure to clean your face and apply the right skincare habits for a good night’s sleep. 

The abovementioned tips will help make your skin fresher, clearer, and younger-looking. It is also important to find the right products that will be beneficial for your skin. You can also shop in a variety store in Franklin TN for your personal beauty needs.

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