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4 Ways to Keep Your Fresh Flowers Fresh Longer

How to keep flowers fresh

Having flowers can brighten up your home, whether you bought from a flower shop or someone gave a bunch of them to you as a sweet gesture. Although artificial flowers are available that will last for eternity, nothing beats getting real, freshly-picked flowers from someone special to your heart. You can put them in a vase and serve as additional home décor

Unfortunately, real flowers when you put them in a vessel at home, don’t last forever. Some flowers do last up to a week, then slowly wilt. There are different ways to preserve fresh flowers. Some use the good old water, flower food packet that comes with the bouquet of flowers, or even use a sexual performance enhancer pill mixed into the water. 


What makes flowers last? 

Based on the tests using the abovementioned items, using the packet that comes with the bouquet of flowers works the best. So if you receive a bunch of flowers with the packet on it, don’t throw it away! It’s there for a purpose!

Flower food packets contain sugar, citric acid, and bleach and serve as their “food”. But in case you have accidentally thrown the packet, you can make your own at home using these simple ingredients. 

That means you don’t have to have second thoughts about reaching for that fresh flower bouquet. It is possible to make it last for several days using these said ingredients and following these other tips for flower longevity!


How to make flowers last 

Here are useful tips to make your flowers last longer than usual. 


Properly condition the flowers. 

This will ensure that the flower stems will fill up with water, hence prolonging your flower’s appearance and freshness. Use warm water to fill up the container where you put the flowers in the meantime. When you condition your flowers, make sure to cut the stems underwater to prevent air from seeping through the new cut. After doing this conditioning procedure, transfer the flowers to a new vase immediately. 


Remove the leaves. 

Make sure to strip off the leaves. It can be a tedious task, but not doing it could attract microbes that can affect the flower’s longevity. Better yet, buy a thorn and leaf stripper so you won’t get pricked while getting rid of the leaves. 


Opt for flower varieties that tend to last longer. 

Not all flowers are made equal. Some flowers tend to bloom better in a garden than in a vase. So if you want to put some fresh flowers in your living room, choose ones that have long vase life such as orchids, chrysanthemums, or zinnias. Popular cut flowers such as sunflowers and dahlias also look good in a vase, but unfortunately not meant to last long enough.


Change water. 

Even if you have put floral packets or preservatives, make sure to change the water every few days as it tends to get slimy over time. Not to mention to keep fungi from forming and affecting the flowers’ freshness. Also, remove the drying flowers and add a floral preservative with every water change. 


These are some important tips to keep your flowers fresh for longer. You can also check out a home décor and gifts store in Franklin TN for your home decorating and aesthetic needs. Visit one today!

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