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5 Tips on Cleaning and Maintaining House Furniture

Taking Care of Home Furniture

Cleaning your home furniture is a must if you want to keep it in excellent condition, whether you bought it in a home furnishings and décor store or in a garage sale. Cleaning furniture may seem to be one of the easiest jobs out there – as it should be. But unfortunately, not everyone knows the proper way of maintaining their furniture at home. 

Proper cleaning and care are crucial steps of maintaining and preserving beautiful furniture. No one wants dried-out wooden furniture, annoying watermarks on the desktop, and cracked leather and paint finishing. These are inevitable but can be fixed. This article will help you with taking care of your precious furniture at home. 


Taking care of different types of furniture 

There are different furniture types. Some are made with leather, wood, cane, and wicker, and upholstered. Regardless of the material, you should follow these tips on maintaining and cleaning your home furniture. 


For wooden furniture 

Wooden furniture gives that rustic vibe to every home. Making sure to maintain it adds up to its timeless appeal. That is why it is only right to take care of your wooden pieces of furniture and décor. 

Before cleaning the wood furniture, you first need to know its finish. Make sure to use the right conditioners and cleaners depending on the type of finish your wood furniture has. Also, it is better to use a lint-free cloth when cleaning and wipe in the grain direction as possible. 

Use wax- or oil-based furniture polish to prevent the appearance of smudges. For removing accumulated wax, use turpentine or mineral spirits wiped clean with a lint-free cloth. 


For painted furniture 

Unlike wooden furniture, painted furniture is generally easier to clean and maintain. You can just use a damp clean cloth. Make sure to wipe completely to prevent watermarks from ruining the surface. 

To remove stains or scratches on the painted surface, make sure to fix it as soon as possible. Sand the affected area, making sure not to overdo it and damaging the painted finish. Then, repaint using the same color or you can try a new one. You can do the repainting on your own or let an expert do it. 


For leather furniture 

Leather tends to crack and dry over time. If you have leather furniture, make sure to keep it away from direct heat sources such as sunlight. Use a damp sponge to get rid of the dust and debris on the surface. To remove stubborn dirt, mix half a cup of water and ¼ cup white vinegar and wipe it using a soft cloth. Then wipe with a dry, clean, and soft cloth. 


For cane and wicker furniture 

Wicker and cane furniture tend to dry out easily so make sure to keep them away from direct heat sources. Vacuum and dust the surface regularly as well. Hosing the furniture or putting it in a tub full of warm water also helps in slowing down the fibers from splitting. 


For upholstered furniture 

Like leather furniture, keep upholstered furniture away from sunlight. Make sure to vacuum the surface every week and flip the pillows regularly so both sides will be used. Clean any stains and spills once they occur. Taking care of your home is a package, which includes maintaining your beautiful pieces of furniture. You can check out home décor and gift stores in Franklin TN for your home decorating needs. 

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