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5 Tips to Get Rid of Clutter and Make Your Home Your Ultimate Sanctuary

Decluttering Tips

Living a minimalist life seems attractive to hear. Many individuals and households have already lived this kind of lifestyle for years and still do now. However, a minimalist lifestyle may not be for everyone. For first-timers, thinking about the idea of owning fewer material things could be overwhelming. 

But this doesn’t mean you have to settle for less when it comes to living a minimalist lifestyle. You can still buy your home items in a home furnishing store near you. The question is where to begin. If you have a lot of clutter in your house, how should you declutter without feeling guilty about getting rid of your personal stuff? 


Why you should declutter your home 

More and more people are seeing the benefits of decluttering. It would be tough the first time, but it will be worth it later on. Some important reasons why you should declutter your home now include: 

  • Less time to clean and organize 
  • Less stress
  • Fewer debts and more financial freedom 
  • More time to do your personal passions 


Not everyone loves cleaning, let alone cleaning an entire house. Decluttering helps reduce cleaning time, saves you more money from buying unnecessary wants, and less stress. By now, you should already be convinced why you should declutter and start living a minimalist lifestyle. The next question is where to start your decluttering journey. 


How to declutter your home 

If you don’t know where to begin the decluttering task, you should start with a plan first. Here are tips to get you started. 

  •         Create a decluttering list first. At least you already have an idea of how and where to get started. 
  •         Donate the things that you do not use anymore but do not like throwing away. Old clothes, bags, and shoes? Donate or sell them – instant money, too!
  •         Start small – allot 5 minutes to get rid of small papers, loose hair ties, and other kinds of clutter. Then you can start building your momentum from there. 
  •         Take a before-and-after photo of the room or spot you are going to declutter. Seeing the progress will encourage you to declutter more. 
  •         Try the “four-box method” and label each box for trash, keep, donate, or relocate. Put each item in its respective box. This may take a while to accomplish, but you will realize how many items you actually own and should already know what to do with those items in each box. 


Other things to know about decluttering 

You don’t have to be scared to buy things for your home, as long as it will be useful and won’t end up as clutter later on. For your home needs, you can check out a nice home furnishing and gifts store in Franklin TN to buy only the things that matter. 

You also don’t need a professional organizer to remove clutter in your home. It can be done by yourself – follow the above tips to get you started. You can also invite your family and friends to help you with decluttering and start your journey to a minimalist lifestyle. Remember, decluttering may take some time. But every effort will be worth it when you see the final results. 

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