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5 Types of Bags Every Woman Should Have


Bags are important companions every time you go outside the house. It keeps our personal items safe from theft, damage, and outdoor weather. Bags are also great fashion pieces that complement one’s personal style. There are also countless brands and types of bags you can choose from and buy from a boutique store near you

This article will serve as a guide to the different types of bags every woman should have in their closet. Bags come in different shapes, sizes, materials, prices, and purposes. With countless bag choices out there, it could be overwhelming at first to buy the right bag for every occasion. 


Must-have bags for every woman 

Imagine how you can carry your personal things without a bag. Aside from carrying your belongings, no matter how big or small, bags can also complement your outfit. But make sure to choose the right type of bag for every occasion. Here are the different types of bags you should have. 


Tote bag

Every woman should have a tote bag in her closet to stuff big items inside. You can carry anything with a tote bag in style, and use it for your corporate affairs or when you are doing grocery errands. If you are a fan of big bags, totes are a must-have for you. It comes in different designs and materials (canvas is the most popular tote bag material) that suit the occasion. 


Satchel bag 

This is also a popular bag that can hold your everyday stuff and offer a business-like vibe. Opt for neutral shades such as brown or black to minimize the appearance of stains or scuffs. It also comes in different shades if you prefer non-neutral colors. You can choose from medium to large top handle bags that suit your needs. 


Clutch bags 

There are two types of clutch bags here: one for daytime and one for the evening. These clutch bags are smaller and lighter that can only store only so much of your personal stuff like lipstick or your smartphone. Opt for clutch bags with dimensions and several pockets so you can store your essentials more efficiently. For formal occasions, you should also have a clutch suited for that. Opt for the classic metallic or black clutch bag for any upcoming special events. 


Luxury bag

Not everyone might be keen on buying a designer bag as it usually costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars apiece. But some do collect designer bags despite the expensive price tag. These are timeless items and can outlast any trends that come along the way. Some popular luxury bags today include Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Birkin, and so on. Some collectors buy and then sell later on, while others do use them on different occasions. 


Crossbody bag

If you want more freedom to move around while keeping your personal stuff close, get a crossbody bag. It won’t cause back pains (at least for some users) unlike traditional backpacks. Crossbody bags can also be adjusted according to your preferred fit and length. It also comes in different designs and sizes that will suit your fancy. You can also find different crossbody designs in a chic boutique store in Franklin TN. Visit one today!

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