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5 Ways on How NOT to Take Care of Your Jewelry

Ways NOT to Take Care of Jewelry

Not everyone may be fond of jewelry but have worn one at some point such as during special occasions. But no matter what type of jewelry you have, these precious accessories will need extra care so they will look good and last for a long time. Jewelry pieces that are well-taken care of can even be passed on to the next generations.

What kind of jewelry do you own? Did you buy it in a reputable décor and accessories store nearby? Or have been inherited from your mom or grandma? Nonetheless, jewelry is a good personal investment. Knowing how to take care of your jewelry pieces – from proper cleaning to storage – will help you make the most out of your precious collection.


These things will ruin your jewelry

First of all, fine and costume jewelry are two different things in terms of materials used and the value of each piece. Regardless, these two require the right amount of care they deserve. If you are doing the following to your jewelry, it would only be a matter of time before your jewelry pieces eventually fade or are damaged.


You do not remove your jewelry at the right time.

Jewelry is a delicate piece that you should take care of, regardless of its material and value. If you want to make your jewelry pieces last a lifetime, make sure to know when to remove them. Make sure to remove your jewelry before:

  • House cleaning (ex. washing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom, etc.)
  • Gardening
  • Playing sports (ex. basketball, volleyball, and other contact sports)
  • Swimming in chlorine water
  • Dealing with anything with abrasives and strong chemicals


Wearing jewelry with lotion

Lotion may not immediately damage fine jewelry but can ruin the costume jewelry finish. Lotion build-up on jewelry pieces means more cleaning which can lessen the shine and integrity of your accessories. In this case, it’s better to put on lotion after removing your jewelry.


Putting your jewelry in one place

Taking care of your jewelry is useless if you do not take note of how you store them. You should not store different jewelry that will end up getting tangled or damaged. Among the most vulnerable jewelry materials include wood, pearls, gemstones, and precious metals. You can use these storage ideas for your pieces of jewelry:

  • Jewelry cases for each of your most important pieces
  • Jewelry tree for your earrings and necklaces
  • Tarnish-proof jewelry bags for silver jewelry pieces
  • Cloth pouches for each precious jewelry item


Not learning more about your jewelry pieces before cleaning them

Before cleaning your pieces of jewelry, make sure to get to know their materials and the proper cleaning materials to use for each. Cleaning diamond jewelry is different from cleaning pearls and zirconia. Special polish should be used for sterling silver jewelry. Also, some jewelry pieces should not be put into water. So make sure to do your research first before attempting to clean your jewelry pieces.


Wearing your jewelry immediately after cleaning

Patting it dry with chamois is not enough as there might be some moisture left on the jewelry which can damage the material later on. Instead, make sure to wait for about an hour after cleaning before storing or wearing them. Also, make sure to buy pieces of jewelry from a trusted jewelry store in Franklin TN.

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