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5 Ways to Soundproof Your Home

How to Soundproof Your Home

Excessive noise can be stressful. From your neighbor’s blaring stereos, noisy vehicles passing through your home, or noise coming from nearby construction, life at home can drive you nuts. Unfortunately, unwanted noise around us happens all the time. But on a somewhat positive note, you are not alone with this. 

People only want to have a peaceful life at home. Installing the right home décor and furniture will also add up to that peace and calm of home life. Also, the good news is that there are ways to minimize, if not completely get rid of, unwanted noise through soundproofing. 


Tips on soundproofing your home 

Sure, soundproofing can take away the peace of your home life in the meantime. Not to mention spending some cash for this home improvement project. But as they say, anything that will improve your quality of life (including at home) is a worthwhile investment. 

And did we mention that soundproofing is not as expensive or complicated as you think? So without further ado, here are ways to soundproof your home without spending too much. 


Use soundproof curtains 

An acoustic curtain is usually heavier than the usual room curtains. The former weighs around 15 lbs and aims to block the noise coming from the other side of the wall or window. These kinds of curtains are perfect for the bedroom to ensure a good night’s sleep. Soundproof curtains also glide easily along its tracks, hence not needing to tug the curtains with so much effort it can already be annoying. 


For an unblocked view, use window inserts instead. 

If you want to block the unwanted noise but not the outside view, use window inserts instead. These transparent glass panes are installed over your windows and are meant to seal any gaps around them and lessen the noise by half. If you want to open the window to let fresh air in the house, simply pop it out of its place and reinsert as you please. 


Bookcases can also serve another purpose. 

That is, to muffle unwanted noise from entering your home. Bulky bookcases and other furniture against the wall are also a good trick to lessen noise from coming into your room. These materials get rid of the vibration, hence reducing the sound transmission. Make sure that the furniture or fixture fits well to the wall and with no air gaps whatsoever. 


Lay down a rug. 

It is already universal knowledge that area rugs or carpets are effective in muffling noise. If you have hard flooring, it is a good idea to lay down a thick rug. For better sound-muffling results, slip a density rug pad underneath the rug or carpet. 


Seal away those air gaps. 

Use a door sweep to seal the large gap under your door or windows. Not only will it lessen the noise but also keep insects and dust from coming into the room. 


Nothing beats living in a peaceful and quiet home. Much better if you add decors and fixtures of your choice to make your home as cozy and personal as you like. Visit a home décor and gifts store in Franklin TN today for your home decorating needs. 

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