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5 Wonderful Gift-Wrapping Ideas This Holiday Season

Gift Wrapping Ideas

It’s that time of gift-giving again. Who doesn’t love to receive gifts regardless of the occasion? But we should remember why we are celebrating this season – and that there is more fulfillment in giving than in receiving gifts. It is a way to show how much you care for a person. There is always a nice gift for someone – you can buy them at your favorite boutique store near you

Finding that perfect gift is one thing. Learning the art of gift wrapping is another. Anyone can opt to use paper bags instead of tediously wrapping their gifts and hopefully not waste wrappers while doing it. No worries – this article will help you with these gift-wrapping ideas the next time you’re planning to give gifts to your loved ones. 


Gift-wrapping ideas for the upcoming holidays 

Here are some of the most creative gift-wrapping ideas this holiday season. 


Go paper-free

Who says you can only wrap gifts using gift wrap papers? Why not try using fabric as a “wrapper”? You can find different kinds of fabric from nearby crafts stores. Much better if you can find leftover fabric in your home that you can reuse for wrapping gifts. Tuck your gift in the fabric and seal it with double-sided tape or twine. 


Add a personal touch with a note

What’s a gift without a short note for the recipient? Feel free to use holiday cards or make your own and write some thoughtful notes for that special person in your life. Make it short but sweet – words that will surely bring a smile to that person’s face. You can also use a printed photo of yourself and use the back of it to write your heartfelt dedication to your recipient. 


Go natural 

No need to rush to your nearest crafts store to buy wrapping paper for your gifts. Instead of the traditional gift wrapper, you can also try using kraft paper and some sprigs or twigs to add a touch of nature to your gift. This thoughtful gift wrapping idea is elegant, your recipient may have a hard time unwrapping their gifts without taking a photo and posting it on their social media accounts. 


Let your gift shine

Make your gift stand out and striking by using metallic wrapping paper to add shine to your usual gift wrapping task. Gold metallic wrappers are always the go-to, but you can also use silver wrappers to add brightness and elegance to your gift. Don’t forget to include a matching ribbon for spectacular results and you’re good to go!


Find recyclable materials at home 

As mentioned, you can also use other materials to wrap your holiday gifts aside from the traditional paper gift wrappers. Find fabrics you can reuse such as scarves or kitchen towels (make sure they’re clean) to replace gift paper wrappers. Not only these are unique but also eco-friendly. 


Do you have other gift wrapping ideas in mind? Feel free to unleash your creativity and resourcefulness this holiday season. For your gifting needs, check out a reputable boutique store in Franklin TN today!

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