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6 Best Gifts for Wine Lovers, No Matter What the Occasion Is

Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers

For many people around the world, wine is more than just a drink – it’s a lifestyle. Everyone knows at least one person who loves to try out different wines and drink wine in every meal. While you might not share that person’s passion for wine, it can also be a dead giveaway when it comes to thinking of what to give as a present especially during special occasions. 

Finding the right gift for wine lovers should not be as stressful as you think. It should also be a great balance between functionality and thoughtfulness and should help them be more passionate about their interest. A boutique store nearby may also give you an idea of what to give your wine connoisseur friend for the next special event of his or her life. 


Best gifts for wine lovers 

You don’t need to rack your brains out when it comes to thinking of gift ideas for your wine connoisseur loved one. This article should help you with the best gifts for wine lovers that you know of. For starters, these are not only wines and more wines, but also more than that. 


Wine glasses 

If wine lovers have a collection of wine, then most likely they also have a massive set of wine glasses at home. You might have second thoughts of gifting yet another set of wine glasses for your wine lover friend. For a change, have you ever heard of wine glasses that also doubles as a musical instrument? Fill the glass to your preferred note line, then run a finger around the glass rim to start making music. Wine tasting will be more harmonious with these glasses. 


Wine-making kit 

Let your wine-loving friends explore their wine-making skills with a DIY wine-making kit. This kit usually comes with all the things you need to make your wine such as additives, a funnel, and a glass carboy. You can check online for available wine-making kits for your next gift-giving. 


Wine subscription service 

You can usually avail of a wine subscription service every quarter and will send you different servings of wine per season. This lets wine lovers savor the taste of different wines from different regions in different seasons. The subscriber will then be sent credits so they can buy full-sized bottles of their all-time favorites. 


Wine-inspired decadent sauces 

These decadent sauces are infused with different wine flavors, except that are alcohol-free. You can drizzle the sauce on ice cream, waffles, toast, and any kind of food you want. You can even eat it straight from the jar if you won't – just eat in moderation, though. 


Electric wine opener 

Yes, there is such a thing as an electric wine opener – a perfect and convenient tool for everyday and special occasions’ use. It has a push-button, is cordless, and also comes with a foil cutter. When fully charged, it can open up to 30 or so wine bottles. 


Artsy bottle stoppers 

Instead of the usual rubber bottle stoppers, gifting someone colorful bottle stoppers can make their day. It comes in different designs and colors that will please your wine-loving recipient. 


If you want more gift ideas for your wine enthusiast loved ones, you can also check out a boutique store in Franklin TN. Perhaps you can also find goods for yourself!

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Sanctuary South of Franklin TN, owned by Melanie Johnson and Nicki Reeves, is one of the most unique boutique home decor and gift shops in Franklin, TN.

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