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6 Decluttering Hacks to Clean and Organize Your Home

Home Decluttering Tips

Who likes clutter? Most likely, a lot of people hate seeing clutter in their own homes. In hindsight, clutter is a normal thing that occurs in every home or office desk. But when it becomes too much clutter, it can be stressful later on. Even if you put nice decors in your home, it could look like clutter if it’s not strategically displayed or arranged in your designated space. 

But you should not settle with clutter that would give you unlimited stress and disappointments. There is also good news: that it is possible to manage clutter without the drama or having to get rid of things that you are not ready to let go of yet. These decluttering hacks should help you with your dilemma and inspire ideas to clean and organize your stuff at home. 


How to deal with clutter at home 

These useful decluttering hacks will help you deal with clutter better. At the same time, help in organizing and cleaning your personal space. 


Invest in aesthetic baskets. 

Baskets are not only used to put fresh produce in. It can also be used to declutter a room whether it’s the living room, bedroom, or playroom. There are a lot of aesthetically designed baskets that will be useful to store clutter and other stuff but also add aesthetic appeal to the room. 


Invest in a shredder. 

Do you have lots of paper that you don’t know what to do with? Why not buy a shredder instead? It will keep your paper clutter under control instead of throwing away bundles of paper, and even risk privacy issues especially if there are confidential data printed there. And for some reason, shredding paper can be a stress buster, too. 


Commit a time to declutter. 

It doesn’t have to be every day, nor should take hours to do. Some people are just not that diligent when it comes to dealing with clutter. Instead, you can consider setting a 10 or 15-minute cleaning time in your preferred day(s). While cleaning, you can listen to music or a podcast, or use that idle time to clean up while waiting for your cookies to bake. 


Use the “box method”. 

This is when you use several boxes – one for stuff to be donated or sold, one for storing away, one for disposal, and so on. Go through all of your stuff one by one and decide which of them goes to which box. Your emotions might get in the way at some point, but try your best to use your gut feel and consider practicality in your decisions. 


Shift into a minimalist mindset. 

This can be applicable when sorting out your wardrobe. Real talk, but stop keeping clothes that you think you will fit on again after a few months. Keep your mind in the present and either donate, sell, or store your old clothes elsewhere and let your closet breathe. 


Check your pantry. 

You might have food items there that are already past the expiration date. Or schedule which of these food items you can make for the next mealtime. 


These are some useful decluttering tips for your home. Buying décor in a home décor store in Franklin TN is not a bad thing, either. It’s all about choosing the best items and which ones you can use in the long term. 

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