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6 Essential Table Etiquette Every Parent Should Teach Their Kids

Teaching table manners to kids

Buying elegant home decors is not only the basis of being a responsible homeowner, nor ensuring a clean and safe home. As homeowners and parents, it is also our responsibility to instill in our children good manners and right conduct. Speaking of manners, table manners should be minded whether you are eating at home, in a friend’s house, or in a downtown food establishment.

These are not something that is innate among us. Rather, these are something that we learn over time. Likewise, teaching table manners to our children are just as important as part of their personal growth and better social interaction. 


Basic table manners for kids 

Teaching table manners among children should start once they begin to use utensils or start to speak. It takes a good amount of patience to teach young children even basic table manners.

From properly handling utensils to not chewing loudly while eating, there is no excuse not to teach kids to be respectable during mealtime. Here are basic table etiquette every adult should teach kids. 


For small children (5 years old below) 

Young children should be made aware of these basic table manners so that they will keep these in their minds as they grow older. 


Wash hands before eating. 

It is important for everyone, including children, to wash their hands before mealtime. Remind your young children to wash their faces first upon waking up before going ahead to eat their breakfast. Not only this is an important hygiene habit but also a way to respect the person who made effort to prepare a good meal for everyone. 


Wait until everyone is at the table and served food 

Teach your children to wait until everyone is settled and served their food. It is a sign of disrespect if you start eating before everyone else does. After all, mealtime should be a time to bond with family and loved ones. 


Teach them how to use utensils correctly. 

Mealtime should not be about playtime anymore. This is the time when you should teach children how to use utensils properly (unless they’re eating sandwiches, pizza, or burgers). Also, remind them not to wipe their oily hands on their clothes and use napkins instead. 


For bigger children (6 years old above) 

Here are some table manners reminders for older children 6 years old and above. 


Eating and using gadgets at the same time is a no-no. 

If it’s mealtime, you only eat and bond with your loved ones. As much as possible, don’t let your children get used to eating their meals with any mobile gadget. Not only they will miss out on human connection but is also disrespectful to other people. 


Do not reach across the table to get food or drinks. 

Instead, you teach them to ask someone at the table to pass a food dish or anything they need. 


Let them clear their plates. 

Teach them to put their used plates and utensils in the sink after eating. Much better if you can also teach them already to wash the dishes or put them in the dishwasher after everyone is done eating. Make sure that they push their chairs back against the table after mealtime. 


Teaching proper manners is an important part of a child’s growth and development. Make sure not to pressure your young children to follow at once. Make your kitchen look nice and welcoming too by checking out a home décor store in Franklin TN

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