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6 Great Ideas to Use Mason Jars at Home

What to Do With Mason Jars

Mason jars are a rage these days! They are often used for serving your favorite drinks or as containers for random knickknacks. They are eco-friendly, aesthetic, and versatile to use. These are also available in a gifts and crafts store near you. 

But aside from serving drinks and containers for pens and paper clips, you can also use mason jars in many more ways! After reading this article, you will be left with oohs and aahs and tell yourself, “Why haven’t I thought of that?!”

Yes, mason jars are one of the best home items you should have. You can use it in your kitchen and other parts of the house for your storage and decorative needs. Here are some of the most brilliant ways to use mason jars at home. 


Use mason jars as soap dispensers 

Repurpose old mason jars into soap dispensers for the kitchen or bathroom. You can buy dispenser pumps and lid kit sets online to replace the original jars’ lids for easier soap access. Then, fill the jars with your choice of hand soap (if you want to put it in the bathroom) or dishwashing soap (for the kitchen). 


Repurpose mason jars to marinate meat

Did you know that you can also use mason jars for marinating meat? Most people are familiar with using zip locks in marinating meat. However, you can only use zip locks a few times (you can wash them and reuse them if you want, but may not be recommended due to possible cross-contamination). As with mason jars, you can reuse them over and over again and lessens waste. 


Light up your mason jars 

You can also turn mason jars into DIY lamps. Not only do they look cute and aesthetic but also practical. You can buy LED light inserts online and put them inside the jar so you can put them in your room or elsewhere it needs. No tricky, complicated DIYing is needed!


Use it to plant herbs 

Want to grow herbs but with limited outdoor space? You can do so by using mason jars to plant your very own herbs! Soon, you won’t need to buy herbs in the supermarket when you need them because you can just pick some for your pasta or any freshly-made cooked meals in your herb garden. 


Put spices in your mason jars

Instead of buying in stores or online, you can take out mason jars you haven’t used for a long time and use them as spice containers. You can put a spout on the lid, or drill small holes on the lid like the usual herb and spice shakers. Use it for your kosher salt, basil leaves, minced garlic, or make your homemade spice blend.


Use it to serve single meals 

You can also use mason jars to serve single meals, instead of using plastic containers. Whip up your meals like salads or healthy desserts and snacks. This can also be a great business opportunity to cater to those health-conscious individuals who are looking for healthy to-go meals. 


Great ideas, right? You can do so much with mason jars aside from using them for beverages and putting in pens or candies. You can also buy mason jars in your favorite home improvement store in Franklin TN

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