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6 More Ways to Organize Your Home Office Desk

How to decorate your home office (2)

Working at home is the norm nowadays, and has become more common when the pandemic happened. There are two types of people: those who thrive in cluttered workspaces and those who prefer a clean and organized workspace. Are you the one who doesn’t mind having scattered papers on your desk? Or are you that kind of person who likes to put some nice décor and keep your desk organized all the time? 

If you are the latter, there are a lot of ways you can decorate your workspace your way. There is no need to spend a lot to make your home office Pinterest-worthy. Check out these tips and start rearranging your workstation so you can enjoy your work-at-home experience more!


How to organize your home office 

For some people, an organized desk looks more pleasant, inviting, and motivating to work. It won’t waste your time getting rid of scattered paper files and other desk items before you even start working. All it takes are some simple organizers and office supplies to help you with your desk organizing project.


Remove everything off your desk. 

If you have extra space in your home office, add a shelving unit near your desk where you can put your office supplies and other documents. It can be a separate shelf rack or floating shelves which can be both aesthetic and functional for your home office space. This will make your work desk more spacious and keep the most important stuff within your reach (and without needing to stand up). 


Combine décor with supplies. 

Using a pegboard background, you can customize your workstation whether you add decorations, put your office supplies there, or both. If you want additional storage space, you can attach shelves, cup holders, or wire baskets. 


Find ways to jot your to-do’s. 

You can put a whiteboard and some colorful markers to jot down your to-dos, or post-its if you are still fond of the good ol’ pens and paper. Place them in an area in your workspace where you can easily see them remind you of your tasks. 


Make it color-coordinated. 

Create your color-coordinated workstation if you like to add some vibrant vibes to your workspace. Put all of your office supplies with similar shades or hues and separate each color in their respective bins, jars, or any container of your choice. Better yet, if your backdrop is white so that the colors in your containers will stand out. 


Set aside the décor on one side.

It is nice to have some desk décor on your workstation such as a small potted plant, a flower vase, or a lampshade. But you might overdo it and end up cramming up your entire work desk. Instead, you can assign an area in your work desk where you can put your décor and other knickknacks. You will have your precious workspace and add aesthetic appeal to your home office at the same time. 


Turn clutter into décor. 

Do you have your child’s artwork? Old postcards or random doodles on paper? Instead of throwing them in the bin, you can turn them into décor for added fun and personality. 


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