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6 Things You Should NOT Do To Your Engagement and Wedding Rings

What You Should NOT Do to Your Rings

Your engagement and wedding rings are symbols of your unwavering love for your spouse. It goes to show that these pieces of jewelry are important and require the utmost care. All the more if you have been wearing them all the time, so it stays sparkly and shiny for years to come. 


What NOT to do to your rings

No matter the price and material, where you bought it, or how big the gemstone is, your rings should be taken care of. This includes proper storage and cleaning, among other things. Otherwise, here are things that you should NOT do to your rings. 


Removing your ring in public 

Some people tend to fidget on their rings when they’re bored or stressed, similar to when others use fidget spinners or pop toys. Meanwhile, some remove their rings when washing their hands in a public restroom. This can put your rings at risk of leaving them on the sink ledge or, in the worst cases, drop it down the drain -- every married person’s worst nightmare. Try not to remove your rings in public so you won’t accidentally lose them. 


Not removing your ring especially during heavy-duty activities 

Even if diamonds are said to be one of the hardest natural materials out there, it doesn’t mean they won’t be prone to cuts and chips and wear and tear. So make sure to protect it from getting knocked or hit by hard objects. It is also better to remove your rings first before doing hand-heavy tasks such as lifting weights, cleaning dishes, doing carpentry, etc. 


Not buy insurance 

Jewelry designers highly recommend getting your precious jewelry pieces, including your rings, insurance. It will come in handy in case you lose any jewelry, get damaged, or are stolen. Make sure to have your pieces of jewelry appraised once every five years as the cost of precious metals and stones can go up. 


Not cleaning your rings

Make sure to clean your rings regularly. You can do it yourself using a toothbrush, gin, and hot water. However, jewelry experts also recommend getting your jewelry, including your rings, cleaned by a professional. Never use bleach and other cleaning agents with harsh chemicals because it can dull the ring finish and affect the shine and sparkle of your ring.


Not having a ring dish in the house 

Jewelry experts recommend putting a small ring dish around your home. You can put one on your vanity table, beside the bathroom sink, another on the console table in the living room, or wherever you like. It is best not to remove your rings in public, but at least you can do so more safely in your own home. 


Being jealous of other people’s ring 

Never compare your ring with other people’s rings just because the latter has a bigger stone or is more expensive. Remember that every ring is unique and has a deeper symbol only the one wearing it understands. It is not about how expensive the ring is but is a symbol of eternal love and loyalty. 


Your engagement and wedding rings are not just a piece of jewelry but also a symbol of your undying love for your spouse. So make sure to take care of it to maintain its shine and sparkle for many years to come. For quality rings, you should only buy from a trusted store in Franklin TN

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