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6 Tips on Taking Care of Baby Clothes

How to Clean Baby Clothes

Parenthood can be tiring but fulfilling at the same time, especially when taking care of a baby. It’s not only about nourishing them with milk and other essential nutrients but also ensuring their overall comfort and happiness. Shopping for baby stuff is another thing, but should be something to be stressful. You can find lots of them in the nearest home furnishing and gifts store in your area. 

Another thing to consider is how to wash your baby’s clothes safely. For one, you might have to use a different detergent to wash baby clothes. Baby clothing is more delicate than the usual adult clothes, and so is their skin. Baby clothes also tend to get more stained, so you should also know the best practices for removing stains on them. 


How to wash baby clothes safely 

Knowing the best ways to wash baby clothes safely is important. After all, you would only want what’s best for your little one. And this task should not be as stressful and tedious as you think. Less time washing your little ones’ clothes means more time to bond with your beloved baby. 


Wash baby clothes before use. 

Shopping for baby clothes can be a fun experience. But before you turn your little one into a real-life mannequin, make sure to wash newly-bought baby clothes first. This is to remove any irritants on babies’ sensitive skin. 


Read the care label first. 

When washing new clothes, make sure to read the care label first. Avoid using bleach on baby clothes as it can damage the fabric and cause skin irritation on babies’ skin. 


Put small items in a mesh laundry bag. 

This includes small baby clothing items like baby socks and mittens. If adult socks easily disappear for some reason during laundry, what more for smaller items such as baby clothes? 


Check for any loose buttons or embellishments, or fraying seams after washing. 

When folding your baby’s clothes, check for these things to prevent irritation, getting caught on your little one’s fingers or toes, or worst, accidentally swallowed. 


Use a detergent suitable for baby clothes. 

Baby-friendly laundry detergents are available in most supermarkets and groceries. These types of detergent are specially made to clean baby clothes gently and to lessen the risk of allergies and other irritation on babies’ skin. Liquid detergents are often preferred over traditional powder detergents or even pods. Better consult your pediatrician about the right detergent for your little one. 


Learn how to remove different baby stains. 

Stains are a normal part of baby clothes, unfortunately. But there are also ways to remove different kinds of stains. To remove milk, food, and poop stains, soak the stained clothing first in cold water with a stain-removing enzyme product or an all-purpose stain remover.

For urine stains, mix a teaspoon of ammonia in a cup of water and treat the stained area. Then, use a stain removal product and wash the clothing as usual. Don’t mix bleach, vinegar, and ammonia as it can be hazardous especially to your little one. 

Make sure to follow these tips to maintain your baby clothes’ quality and prevent irritation on your baby’s skin. If you are looking for baby clothes and other stuff for your home, you can check out a home furnishing and gifts store in Franklin TN. 

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