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Bar Soap vs. Liquid Soap: Which Is Better?

Bar Soap vs

Proper handwashing has been an important routine ever since, and even more during this ongoing pandemic. And when it comes to handwashing, you have to use soap to get rid of dirt, bacteria, and germs. You can buy soap anywhere – whether in supermarkets, beauty and specialty stores, and pharmacies among a few. 

But which type of soap you should you buy? What should you look for when buying soaps? Aside from the physical appearance, do you know what the differences between bar soaps and liquid soaps are? Here are some important things you need to know first before buying soap for handwashing. 


Bar soap: Pros and cons 

There are several pros and cons associated with using bar soap and liquid soap. Interestingly, it is not about how they remove and kill germs and bacteria. 



  • Cheaper/more affordable than liquid soap 
  • Apparently more effective at removing dirt and debris 
  • Sustainable as it has different packaging options (ex. instead of plastic, paper materials are becoming popular soap packaging options) 



  • Tends to get mushy and slimy when exposed to water too much
  • Tends to dry your skin due to higher pH content 


Liquid soap: Pros and cons 

Unlike bar soaps, liquid soaps seem to be more luxurious at first look. But, it can also perform bar soaps’ cleaning and germ-removing power as long as you use it the right way. 



  • Leaves no wet, mushy, and slimy soap residue 
  • Keeps the sink area tidy and is also easier to use 
  • Most liquid soaps contain moisturizers so they won’t dry your skin 
  • Scent options available (fruity, citrus, essential oil-based, etc.) 



  • More expensive than bar soap 
  • It may be less sudsy than usual bar soaps 


Which is more effective – bar soap or liquid soap? 

It is said that bar soaps tend to accumulate bacteria when exposed out in the open. However, there is no data that proves this claim. The thing is, there is a slim chance that soap can harm your health due to the apparent accumulation of bacteria. But in case someone in your household is sick, better to use a different soap or liquid soap to prevent bacteria and germs from spreading. 

The truth is that using either liquid or bar soap all boils down to personal preference. Also, it doesn’t matter whether you choose an anti-bacterial soap or that regular floral-scented one. It doesn’t matter which one to choose, but make sure to use it properly. Always remember to wash your hands with soap and let it lather for at least 20 seconds.

Regardless of form, soap helps in reducing the number of harmful bacteria on your hands. It can also get rid of illness-causing viruses, even the dreaded COVID-19. So when washing your hands, make sure to rub and lather the soap thoroughly before rinsing with water. 



At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether you use bar soap or liquid soap. It is all about how you use it to make the soap effective. If you are looking for hand soap, you can check out some products in a specialty store in Franklin TN

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