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Best Outfits for Every Body Shape

Best Outfit Choices for Each Body Type

Shopping for clothes is a favorite past time especially among women. For one, it is a way to express her personality and her sense of style. But more than following the latest trends and fashion, one must also consider the comfort and the confidence every outfit brings to the wearer. 

Clothes shopping should not be something to be stressed about. You can buy brand-new from a boutique store near you or opt for hand-me-downs to save shopping money. Then again, you also might want to consider wearing outfits that will further accentuate your best features and help unleash your best you yet!


Different body shapes

Not all bodies are created equal. Not all can have that Beyonce-like body unless you go with a strict diet and exercise plan (which would take months to achieve if you are consistent enough). Or go through under the knife if you have the budget. But this doesn’t mean you cannot look your best anymore just because you do not have the perfect body shape. 

Your body shape is your body outline or silhouette. Knowing your body type helps you find the right clothes that will enhance your features. Use a measuring tape to measure your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips to determine your body type. Some are curvier, while some have athletic body types. All it takes is choosing the right type of clothing that will look best on you. 


Best clothes for every body shape

Comfort is still a top priority when choosing clothes. But much better if you find clothes that look and feel great on you. This is also why not all types of clothes are made the same because most clothes are specially made to complement a specific body type. Here are tips on choosing the best clothes that will fit your body type. 


For apple-shaped body types 

These are people with heavier midriffs and a less defined waistline and hips. In this case, you should avoid highlighting your midriff and waistline area and highlight other parts of your body such as your legs. Or you can also wear a V-neckline and flowy tops or dresses that will create an illusion of a longer torso. Do not wear tight dresses or skinny jeans as they will only highlight your body shape. 


For hourglass body shapes 

For most people, this is the “to die for” body shape. You have the right curves at the right places, so make sure to highlight them and let everyone know of them! Wear dresses that cinch at the waist, or use a belt to accentuate your voluptuous curves. Go ahead and wear that body-hugging dress because it will look best on you, too!


For pear-shaped bodies 

The focus is always on the lower part of the body for those with pear-shaped bodies, especially your thighs, hips, and butt. Wide-legged bottoms, ruffled tops, and A-line dresses work best with pear-shaped ladies. 


For inverted triangle-shaped bodies 

This also refers to those with “athletic” body types, with wider shoulders and slimmer hips. In this case, you should wear an outfit that will add definition to your hips such as pencil cut skirts, skinny jeans, and V-necklines. 


For rectangle-shaped bodies 

Those with this body type should focus on their arms and legs. Wear something that will add definition to the lower part of your body such as blazers, long jackets, strapless tops, and A-line skirts. 


These are only suggestions if you want to wear something that will complement the body type you have. It should not limit you what to wear, but more on being comfortable in your skin regardless of your outfit. Check out a boutique store in Franklin TN for some fashion items and home accessories.

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