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Chokers Are In! 4 Tips to Rock That Choker Necklace

Tips to Rock That Choker!

Just when you think chokers are so 90’s… well, surprise! Chokers are back in fashion and will most likely stay for a while. As they say, history repeats itself – and yes, that includes the humble choker’s major comeback. If Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, and Taylor Swift wore them in red carpets, then why can’t you as well? 

Chokers are available in fashion accessories stores near you. They come in different colors and materials that suit your fashion needs. But first, it is a good idea to know more about chokers and what to consider before buying and wearing one. 


Are chokers bad? 

It may sound like a weird question, but a lot of people think there is some kind of symbolism in chokers. People perceive women wearing chokers as a little bit promiscuous and are “asking for it”. History also reveals that once upon a time, wearing chokers meant you work as a “courtesan”. 

So does that mean chokers are bad? The short answer is no! Chokers may have often been associated with promiscuity, but these were also worn by royalties, ballerinas, and popular celebrities. At the end of the day, wearing a choker should make you feel more confident just like others who prefer to wear red lipstick or high heels. Chokers are great fashion pieces and they can add “oomph” to your overall look. 


How to wear a choker 

Although there is no exact way to wear a choker, it won’t hurt to follow some fashion tips. Choker necklaces can suit all ages on any occasion and time of the day. 


Consider your clothes’ neckline. 

You would want to show off your choker, so make sure to wear outfits that expose your neckline. A crew-neck t-shirt works with a choker which will appear like it is part of your outfit. 


Complement with small earrings. 

When wearing a choker, make sure not to wear other pieces of jewelry that could overpower the former. Large earrings can touch the choker, frame your face, and make you look awkward. You can still wear earrings but opt for smaller ones instead.


Try layering your chokers. 

One way to revamp your overall look is to layer several pieces of thin chokers. Fashion experts suggest wearing thin choker necklaces during the day (and then layering them), and a single but thicker choker with dark shades (black, red, or midnight blue) for formal occasions. 


Consider your hairstyle, too. 

When you wear a choker, make sure that it will be the highlight of your entire outfit ensemble. Choosing the right hairstyle will help highlight your nice choker. Tie your hair in a ponytail or bun, or try a slick brushed-back hairstyle to show off the real beauty of your neckpiece.


Wearing a choker can add a refreshing appeal to your overall look. There are a lot of choker styles and designs to choose from. You can also check out a fashion accessory store in Franklin TN for your styling needs!

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