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Corporate Gift-Giving: What You Need to Know

Corporate Gift-Giving

Gift-giving serves different purposes, but one thing is for sure: it should come from the heart and mean it when you give it. Usually, people give gifts to someone during special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or simply a sweet gesture for the recipient even on normal days. 

Meanwhile, there is also such a thing as corporate gifts. These are usually given to the most important clients, suppliers, and employees. You can buy it in a gift store near you, and should not be as elaborate as you think. Giving corporate gifts is a way of saying thanks for the continuous patronage, recognizing an employee’s hard work, and ensuring a deeper connection between the gift-giver and the recipient(s). 


The art of (corporate) gift-giving 

Corporate gift-giving is different from giving incentives. For one, the former does not depend on performance and other pre-set conditions. Corporate gifts also usually contain branding which can be considered subtly promoting the brand itself. The latter, on the other hand, are given for those who are able to reach their quotas (ex. number of sales per month). 

Incentives are given to encourage employees and other personnel to strive harder to reach their target sales, etc. Corporate gifts are more on fostering partnerships and showing how companies value their employees. It can also pave the way to create new business transactions with potential customers. 


Why you should give corporate gifts 

By this time, you should already have an idea of what corporate gifts can do for businesses. Before buying an expensive for your client, it is better if you give gift tokens to those who contributed a lot to your business’ success.

To emphasize, giving corporate gifts helps with: 

  • Showing appreciation to clients and staff 
  • Encouraging brand loyalty 
  • Preventing customer churn
  • Ensuring customer retention and loyalty


The next question would be what kind of gift to give to the intended recipients. It’s easy to give umbrellas, branded Post-Its, or keychains to your clients. However, you might also want to consider whether the client’s valuable contribution to your business is worth the value of an umbrella, Post-its, or a keychain. 

These are questions you should ask yourself before giving a corporate gift to a client or business partner.

  • How deep is your work relationship with your client or business partner? 
  • Do you need to personalize the gift (ex. add the company logo)? 
  • How much are you willing to spend on the gift? 
  • Is the gift suitable for the client’s expectations or interests? 


Corporate gift-giving done right

Giving a gift is an opportunity to build and foster stronger relationships with business partners and clients. It should not be given as a bribe or to strengthen your influence. However, you should also consider with great thought what to give, when to give, and why you are giving a gift in the first place. 

Corporate gifts are not also only for clients and suppliers but also for employees. They are the ones who make things happen, hence they also deserve recognition by giving a nice token of appreciation. Finding the right corporate gift should not be as complicated as you think. You can check out a gift store in Franklin TN for your gifting needs.

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