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Essential Rules of Wedding Gift-Giving to Remember

Wedding Gift-Giving Tips

It is an honor to be invited to a wedding. After all, it is someone’s special day and you get to be part of that memorable day. Of course, you need to prepare your makeup, clothes, and your plus one (if allowed). The next thing to consider is choosing what gift to give to the newlyweds. 

Traditional wedding rules state that gift-giving is not compulsory, but still highly recommended nonetheless. Giving a gift will also mean a lot for the newlyweds and that they deserve all the love on their wedding day. You can check out a lot of boutique stores online for your gift-giving needs. 

But the question remains: what gift should you give to a newlywed couple? How much should you spend on a wedding gift? Here’s what you need to know about wedding gift-giving and other gift-giving tips you should know. 


How much should a wedding gift be? 

Gift-giving can be an exciting endeavor and still a traditional practice among guests. It is a way of saying thanks for inviting you to be part of their special day, as well as a way to congratulate the couple for their union. Understandably, you would ask yourself how much should you spend on a wedding gift. 

The answer is there is no exact rule that tells you exactly how much to spend on a wedding gift. As mentioned, gift-giving is not compulsory but still highly encouraged. Also, the amount of a wedding gift may also depend on how close you are to the newlywed. 

For example, an average guest spends around $120 to $130 for a newlywed couple they are close to. But you don’t have to pressure yourself to spend that amount. You can go for at least $100 for a wedding gift for a close friend or loved one. 

Meanwhile, an average guest spends at least $75 for a wedding gift of an acquaintance, a co-worker, or distant relative. It is up to you how much you want to spend on a wedding gift, but at least there is this amount guide for you. If you are also not sure what to give to a newlywed, gift cards or cash gifts always come in handy. 


Wedding gift-giving tips 

Here are other tips to remember when giving gifts to a newlywed couple. 


Take advantage of the wedding registry. 

Some couples already have gifts they want in a mind that they include on the wedding registry. So take that opportunity to check it out so you won’t stress out thinking about what to give them. 


Give a gift according to your budget. 

That means you should already spend on what you can live comfortably. You can also use the guide above to know how much you should ideally spend on a wedding gift depending on your closeness level with the newlyweds. 


Try chipping in for a group gift. 

Group gifts are also acceptable and even encouraged. Big-ticket items are perfect for group gifts. You can chip in or ask friends and other guests to contribute so you can give that gift the newlywed couple wanted. Just make sure to make everyone who chipped in sign on the card. 


Gift-giving should not be stressful. It should be a fun and thoughtful experience as well. Looking for wedding gifts? Make sure to check out a boutique store in Franklin TN for your gift-giving needs!

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