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Essential Tips on Removing Candle Wax From Wooden Surfaces

Removing candle

When it comes to home décor, you don’t need to spend an exorbitant amount of money for it. There are cheaper alternatives to beautify your home such as scented candles. You can check out a home décor and gifts store near you for quality candles that you can use at home or give to someone as a thoughtful gift.


Getting started 

There is nothing more annoying than removing candle wax drips from your furniture or flooring. But did you know that furniture makers and flooring installers use wax to enhance and protect the natural beauty of a wooden surface? However, this doesn’t include candle wax drips. Worse is if it’s dyed candle wax which could leave a permanent, unpleasant stain on the surface. 

Removing candle wax drips from wooden surfaces should not be a big deal. But sometimes, it could be since you would not want to damage the surface finish. This is why you should know the candle wax removal basics first before going all the way. By the way, don’t rush and keep the process as gentle as possible as you would not want to ruin the surface. 


How to remove candle wax from wood surfaces 

You will need to prepare the necessary tools and materials to clean up spilled candle wax on your wooden surface. 

First, you need to let the wax cool and harden completely before starting the removal process. To hasten the hardening process, you can put an ice cube in a plastic bag or food storage bag and place it on the wax for a few seconds. Then you can start scraping the wax gently. 

Use a plastic scraper or an old credit card to scrape away the wax away from the wooden surface. Using anything metal to get rid of the wax is a huge no-no! When scraping, make sure to keep the plastic edge flat so you won’t scrape off the surface as well. Then, use your fingers or a soft cloth to remove loose candle wax. 

Next is to remove the remaining traces of wax from the surface. Use a soft cloth dipped in one part white vinegar and two parts water, then squeeze the excess liquid before wiping it. When wiping, make sure to follow the direction of the wood grain. Then, follow it up with a dry, clean cloth along with a small amount of furniture polish or olive oil. 


Use heat to remove stubborn candle wax stains

At some point, there will be stubborn candle wax stains that won’t just budge. One useful tip is using heat to get rid of tough candle wax stains. You can use an iron and set it to the lowest temperature. Or you can also use a blow dryer and set it on medium heat. 

Before applying heat, cover the stain with an old cloth. Make sure that it is large enough to cover the affected area and protect the surface from the heat as well. Then, place the hot iron or the blow dryer over the stain for about 15 to 20 seconds. Repeat if there’s no oily stain on the towel and continue until all of the remaining wax has been removed. 


Candle stains can be annoying but can be removed without all of that drama. Of course, it doesn’t mean you do not buy candles for your home anymore. Just make sure to buy quality candles from a trusted home décor and gifts store in Franklin TN

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