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Essential Tips to Make Your Wood Furniture Look New Again

How to Clean Wooden Furniture

Wood furniture is and always be a timeless piece of furniture in every home. It never goes out of style and works whether you live in a vintage-style house, a farmhouse, cabin house, or modern, mid-century home. You can also check out beautiful wood furniture pieces in most home decor stores in your area. 

Unfortunately, wood furniture can be challenging to clean and maintain. Your precious wooden furniture will accumulate dirt and grime over time, which won’t easily get removed using a duster. Even if you attempt to clean your wooden furniture, there will be some stains or marks that will be left behind. 


Cleaning wood furniture effectively 

When it comes to maintaining and cleaning your wood furniture, most people know the usual ones: wiping, polishing, and dusting. While these cleaning techniques all work in their ways, it still depends on the furniture piece’s finish. Make sure to know how you are going to clean the furniture even before buying it. Here are tips on how to clean and maintain wood furniture. 


Dusting wood furniture 

Dusting your furniture still works, so make sure to do it regularly. Otherwise, it can cause allergic reactions and is potentially dangerous to those suffering from asthma. Use a vacuum to get rid of dust accumulated on fabric items such as upholstery and carpets. 

Make sure to use a damp cloth first to wipe down the dust and prevent them from scattering into the air. Then, remove the excess moisture using a clean, dry towel. Use non-scratching microfiber cloth, feather, or wool dusters when removing dust for best results.  


Cleaning wood furniture 

Aside from regular dusting, you should also wipe down your furniture for a more thorough cleaning. For wood furniture, do not use all-purpose cleaners the same ones you use on kitchen counters unless your furniture piece has some kind of plastic protective cover. 

Instead, you can mix mild soap and water and dip a clean, lint-free cloth, squeeze the excess liquid, then wipe the surface. Dry the surface afterward with a clean, soft microfiber cloth. You can also make your furniture cleaner by mixing olive oil, denatured alcohol, strained lemon juice, and gum turpentine. 


Cleaning old/antique wood furniture 

If you have a vintage piece of wood furniture, all the more that you need to treat it more carefully. Here are tips on cleaning old/antique pieces of furniture. 

  • Schedule annual furniture cleaning using a recommended commercial cleaning product and steel wool. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully. You can also use a commercial finishing product, all of which are available in home improvement stores. 
  • When buying a finishing product, make sure to choose one that has the closest shade to your wood furniture stain. 
  • You can also use a wax-based conditioner or orange oil once a month to protect the furniture against cracking and drying. 


Wood furniture care should not be as complicated as you think. The abovementioned tips should help you clean and maintain your furniture pieces and ensure their longevity. You can check out another home décor that suits your home’s theme and fancy in a home décor and gifts store in Franklin TN

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