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Everything You Need to Know about Reed Diffusers

Why You Should Get a Reed Diffuser for Your Home

Every homeowner wants to keep their homes smelling fresh and pleasant all the time. It doesn’t matter whether you live in your own home, renting a condo or apartment unit, or staying in a dorm. With all the stress of everyday life, nothing beats going home to a fresh-smelling home. 

It should not be hard to do anymore because you can find air freshener products in supermarkets and home improvement stores near you. Another popular home fragrance product in the market now is the reed diffuser. Reed diffusers are more than making your home smelling good but can also add a nice aesthetic touch to your living space. 


How does a reed diffuser work? 

If you are looking for something that will make your home look and smell good at the same time, you will surely love reed diffusers! Not only do they smell good but also have a nice decorative home décor and won’t cause a fuss in maintenance. It is easy to use, doesn’t need heat or electricity, and won’t cause injuries or unwanted accidents. 

They are becoming more and more popular under the home fragrance category. Reed diffusers comprise rattan reeds contained in a glass or ceramic bottle, jar, or pot with scented diffuser oil. It works when the rattan reeds draw the oil in the jar or pot and then release the aroma into the air. It would take about 30 minutes to an hour before you finally smell the aroma from the diffuser. 

Experts suggest using about 3 to 5 rattan reed sticks, but you can add more for maximum effects. Most diffuser sticks are made from bamboo which works nonetheless. However, experts recommend using reed diffusers made from rattan or fiber as these are said to be more of higher quality than bamboo. 


Why you should use reed diffusers at home 

As mentioned, reed diffusers are one of the most popular home fragrance products today. When using it, make sure that the diffuser jar or pot is standing upright in a safe location out of children's or pets’ reach. These are the reasons why you should use reed diffusers to make your home smell good. 


Easy and safe to use

Reed diffusers do not have electricity or heat to use. Simply dip the sticks into the jar or bottle with your favorite carrier oil and make sure that the oily side of the sticks is extended outside the container. There is also no need to keep an eye on it, just make sure it is placed in a safe location away from young children and pets. 


Longer lifespan 

Scented candles smell good all the same, but do not last long. Non-electric diffusers such as reed diffusers can last up to 4 months at most. So if you are looking for a home fragrance product that is value-for-money, opt for reed diffusers. 



Reed diffusers do not harm the air and the environment while keeping your home smelling good, too. You can reuse the empty bottle or jar and refill it with a diffuser carrier oil. The reed sticks are biodegradable, too.

Reed diffusers not only can make your home smell good but also great home décor, too. You can also check out different reed diffusers that will suit your fancy here in a home improvement store in Franklin TN.

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