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Getting Started: How to Sell Artworks Online

Selling Artworks Online

Back then when e-commerce was not a thing yet, artists would sell their masterpieces in person such as galleries. Most of them are still able to showcase their artistic talents online by posting samples on their portfolio websites. No wonder selling artwork before is more challenging, unlike now that artists can do so online. 

If you have artistic talent, why not earn from it? Art is a broad category, it can be a painting, a sculpture, and other kinds of crafts – all of which are guaranteed made out of love. More and more artworks are being sold from galleries and online. Some galleries even get more profit from selling artworks online

This only goes to show that yes, there is money in art! The choices are overwhelming when it comes to artwork selling. Nonetheless, it should not be as complicated as you think. Do you want to make money out of selling art? Here are essential tips that will help you sell your masterpieces and make money out of your artistic passion. 


Decide whether you want to sell art full-time or part-time 

Selling art online can be risky especially if you want to pursue it full-time. On the other hand, there are also some artists who have day jobs and do artwork gigs on the side. Those who want to make it their full-time job, know that being successful in the art industry does not happen overnight. 

But if you really want it, no matter how busy you are, you will find ways to pursue your artistic passion. Grab learning opportunities through webinars and online courses while hustling on your day job. Create a social media page showcasing your art and even sell there as well. 


Should you sell your art or other artists’ artworks? 

Have a knack for art but don’t know how to let the world know about your talent? Create a social media page or an e-commerce website to showcase and sell your art. Meanwhile, you can still make a profit out of other people’s masterpieces. Not only can you give support to their craft but also can open opportunities for you working in the art industry. 

You can sell original artworks or licensed works printed on merchandise (mugs, t-shirts, bags, canvas, etc.) Other types of artwork you can consider selling, if not your original masterpieces, include: 

  • Digital downloads (quote prints, desktop wallpaper, social media templates, etc.) 
  • Commission/customized artworks (via digital or traditional mediums) 
  • Selling photos 
  • Collaboration projects with other creators/artists/merchants 


Starting your art store 

It is easy to start an online business these days. Because of that, a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs are able to start their business ventures with ease. More so, artworks can be easier to sell online as you have the option to sell digital versions of them. 

There are also apps that will help run your online art business and lessen the burden of shipment and order fulfillment on your part. Also important is knowing about copyright and protecting your work against art thieves who would claim your work as theirs. 


There is now no excuse to start your art selling venture, or even buy artworks online. You can check out online stores in Franklin TN for different artworks you can use as home décor or as a gift to a loved one. 

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