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How Businesses Can Partner With Non-Profit Organizations

Collaborating with Non-Profit Organizations

Starting a business takes a lot of consideration. As a business owner, you would want your business to earn and, if all the gods will, make you rich. But to have a successful business, you need to have high-quality goods and services that your customers will always go back to. It is also a good idea to have both a physical and online store so that your customers can access your store wherever they are. 

On the other hand, you also need to create a good impression on your customers and other organizations. A company should not only aim for high revenues but also satisfy customers’ needs and fulfill its corporate social responsibilities. One effective way on building brand awareness and fostering positive collaboration is by partnering with a non-profit organization.  


Why you should collaborate with a non-profit organization 

Every business can benefit from collaborating with a non-profit organization. There are many reasons why you might want to partner with a nonprofit. 


Helps in brand awareness

Adding your name together with a respected non-profit organization adds brand awareness and a positive impression of your business. It also helps in building a good reputation for your company and that you are a business of integrity, accountability, and generosity. 


Media coverage without having to spend so much

By partnering with a non-profit organization, you can get extra mileage for your brand without spending on ads. Your logo will be easily seen on banners, posters, and other marketing collateral as a sponsor during charity events. On your part, you can also create posts on your social media page and posts on your website about your engagement in these charity events.


Boosts employee morale and loyalty 

Collaborating with a non-profit organization can also boost employee morale and loyalty. People will see you as a good example because you are giving back to your community and encouraging employees to be good examples to others as well. 


How companies can collaborate with a non-profit organization

Here are ways companies can partner with a non-profit organization. But before that, you need to get as many staff to be involved in the events, such as: 

  • Sponsorship events – sponsor various events such as fun runs or weekly bazaars.
  • Fundraising events – encourage employees to donate to the non-profit organization. Give extra rewards for those who will donate beyond a set amount of money.
  • Volunteer programs – ideal if the employees believe in the non-profit’s cause and want to get involved with their programs by volunteering (ex. legal assistance, marketing consultations, hands-on activities such as cooking, planting trees, feeding programs, etc.) 
  • Cause-related marketing – for every product or service sale made, a certain portion of the profit goes to the non-profit organization. In return, the non-profit organization promotes your brands as a major partner/sponsor 
  • Speaking events – non-profit organizations may invite you as a guest speaker for their events with the intention to inspire, entertain, or train donors and members who want to collaborate with them as well. 


A home décor and gifts store in Franklin TN partnering with a non-profit organization can do a lot for the business. It helps in brand awareness and gives a good impression to your brand by giving back to the community. 

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