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How Can I Convince My Child to Wear A Face Mask? Here are Tips That Can Help

Kids Wearing Face Mask

The pandemic that is COVID-19 has been around for some time now. Unfortunately, this has affected our daily lives, especially for children. Kids nowadays seem to get used to wearing face masks as the “new normal”. At this point, face masks for all ages have become one of the most in-demand items nowadays – and they come in different colors and patterns you can choose from. 

Kids are too young to get a COVID-19 vaccine, so wearing a face mask is the next best thing to ensure your little one’s protection. However, some parents have apprehensions about face masks especially if it’s their kids who are going to wear them. Here are some things to consider in letting children wear face masks. 


Can face masks make it hard for kids to breathe? 

There has been an ongoing belief that face masks can make breathing difficult and can cause low blood oxygen levels. This can especially be alarming for parents with young children. However, this belief is not true at all. 

Face masks are made from breathable materials, hence not causing breathing issues especially in children. For countries that already allow face-to-face classes, wearing a mask will not affect children’s learning and focus in school. This is one reason why parents should encourage children to wear a face mask – aside from ensuring their health and safety, too. 

Wearing a face mask won’t also affect lung growth as others believe. As mentioned, most face masks are breathable which makes breathing a lot easier. So make sure that your child wears a mask especially when going outside to prevent the risk of getting COVID-19. 


When should children wear a mask? 

Everyone, kids and adults alike, is advised to wear a face mask, especially in public spaces. Even if an adult has already been fully vaccinated, he or she should still wear a mask to keep safe from the dreaded virus. School children should also continue wearing masks to ensure their health and safety. 

Understandably, not all kids may find wearing masks fun and welcoming. Here are some tips to get your little one to wear a mask and be comfortable with it. 

  • Buy a face mask with cute designs which can encourage children to wear it. 
  • Show photos of other children wearing a mask and explain why they have to. 
  • Wear a mask together while facing the mirror and explain the benefits of wearing it. 
  • Make sure to teach them how to wear a mask properly (not just simply wear it). 
  • When wearing a cloth mask, make sure to wash and dry it after use. You can also encourage your child to wash the mask on his own.


COVID-19 is most likely to be around for some time. That means we still have to deal and live with the so-called “new normal”, including children. However, teaching kids to wear a mask is a must to keep them from getting sick because they are more vulnerable to the disease. You can also buy a mask chain from a variety store in Franklin TN that your child will surely like. 

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