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How to Support Small Business During a Pandemic

How to Support Small Businesses

It’s that time of the year again, which means people will be busy buying décor for their homes and gifts for their loved ones. Promos and discounts will be aplenty to entice consumers to buy from their stores this holiday season. Not even the ongoing pandemic can stop customers from enjoying their shopping experience, thanks to online shopping.

The pandemic also saw the increase of online stores and paved the way for budding business owners to realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

Starting a business is no joke, and a lot of them have also been affected by the pandemic. A lot of big brands have the means to sustain their businesses, but it could be more challenging to stay afloat for small businesses. This is one reason why we should support small businesses. 


Why should we support small businesses? 

Starting a small business involves a lot of risks. Will people buy from your business? What do you need to start a small business? Should I look for a physical location as my office, or opt to operate online? What kind of business should you start to build? These are some important questions you will have to address before taking the plunge. 

Like big businesses, small businesses can also contribute to our economy. Not to mention it can also help build a sense of community, and even discover unique finds that even popular big box stores do not have. Other important reasons why we should support small businesses include: 


Positive customer experience matters 

All businesses have their own customer service department. There is no doubt how customer experience affects a brand’s overall reputation. But for small businesses, every customer matters. They can make their own rules and be able to provide an intimate and personalized customer care experience. 


Amazing product discoveries 

You can also discover amazing and unique finds in many small businesses. Most small businesses offer locally-handcrafted goods that are only available in that store. And these goods are only exclusive from the small business’ sales channels. 


Creates jobs and supports communities 

Local businesses also help create jobs and attract visitors from other places to check out the store for some goods. Most small businesses also offer sustainable and ethically-made products. Small businesses also help on empowering upcoming generations of aspiring entrepreneurs. 


How to support small businesses

Here are ways you can support small businesses, aside from buying from them especially during this holiday season. 


Reach out to them. 

If you have friends with a small business and currently looking for gifts this holiday season, buy from them instead. Your purchase will mean a lot to them, and they may even offer free shipping or a free item as a token of thanks for patronizing their small business. 


Share on social media. 

What better and free mileage for small businesses but through social media? It won’t hurt to share your friends’ small business on your social media pages or even press a like or heart button for their every post. 


Be on the lookout for upcoming businesses out there. 

Check out small businesses in your area, such as a home décor and gifts store in Franklin TN.

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