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Important Things to Consider When Choosing Children’s Toys

How to Choose Children's Toys

Childhood is incomplete without toys. These are an important part of children’s development and comes in different shapes, materials, and sizes. Toys also help in discovering their true potential and future passion and interests.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a plushie toy, a puzzle game, or building blocks. All of these kinds of toys will be a crucial part of your child’s holistic growth and development. Still, it is just as important to ensure your child’s safety when playing with toys. As parents, it is your responsibility to choose the right toys and ensure their safety as well. 


What to look for in children’s toys 

Safety should be of top priority when shopping for children’s toys. Of course, you want to buy something for your child that is cute and educational. But make sure to ensure that they are also safe while playing with their toys. Among important guidelines to keep in mind when buying children’s toys include: 

  • Washable stuffed toys 
  • Any toy with fabric should have flame-retardant or flame-resistant labels or tags 
  • Lead-free paint used on toys 
  • Non-toxic art materials (crayons, paint)
  • Toys that are not too loud, otherwise it can cause hearing loss in children later on
  • Art materials with ASTM D-4236, meaning they have been evaluated and tested by the American Society for Testing and Materials

Be careful as well when receiving hand-me-down toys and older toys from loved ones. These can save you money from buying new toys, but may not meet the safety standards as recommended by the authorities. 


Tips on buying children’s toys 

Here are tips on buying children’s toys that will keep them entertained and learn a lot at the same time. 


Opt for versatile toys. 

Children especially toddlers are in the exploring stage wherein they love to take apart and put back things together. That is why experts suggest buying “open-ended” toys that you can let kids play them their way. This includes toys such as blocks and sand and water toys. Make sure that parents are checking on their kids while playing with them. 


Choose toys that they can play with for a long time. 

Have you bought a toy for your child who played with it for a few days then ended up abandoned in the corner? It can be frustrating as a parent. To prevent this from happening next time, make sure to look for toys that children can play with as they grow older. This includes toys such as action figures, dollhouses, stuffed toys, and toy cars among a few. 


Choose toys that are also educational and encourage problem-solving. 

Toys are not only are a source of entertainment but also for brain development. Choose toys that will help build their critical thinking, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. Some examples include puzzles, blocks, shape sorters, and art materials (clay, crayons, paint). Even carton boxes can be an amazing toy for your little one!

Toys are an important part of a child’s overall development. So make sure to choose wisely for your child. There are also toys available in a home furnishing and gifts store in Franklin TN. Visit one today!

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