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It’s Time to Know These 5 Different Types of Clocks

Different Types of Clocks

Time is of the essence, and we cannot imagine how to go about our daily lives without glancing at the watch or clock. It has been around for ages, but its appearance had since evolved into what it usually looks like now. There are digital watches, your smartphone and other electronic gadgets have built-in clocks, and you also have at least one wall clock in your home. 

It’s impossible to have a hard time finding a clock that suits your taste and your home’s overall theme. But first, you need to know which clock to get for your home. Clocks can do more than tell the time. These can also add life to your home. 


Different types of clocks 

Here are different types of clocks that you can choose from for your personal, home, or office use. 


Wall clock 

The wall clock is one of the most popular clocks both for office and home use. It is impossible not to find a space to hang a wall clock. By doing so, everyone inside the room can easily see the time and know that they won’t run late and always be on time. Most wall clocks are round, but there are also other sizes and shapes available. Oversized wall clocks are also available and suitable for offices and homes with larger wall spaces so everyone can see the time even from afar. 


Alarm clock 

Alarm clocks are as popular as wall clocks. A lot of people would end up being late with their appointments without an alarm clock. It is a smaller clock that you can place on your bedside table. Your alarm clock should have useful features such as snoozing, setting multiple alarms at once, and even a radio (which you can choose to wake up to instead of a shrill or high-pitched sound).


Grandfather clock 

The most classic and traditional clock available especially in old homes is the grandfather clock. It is both aesthetic and functional and meant to be a free-standing piece instead of being mounted on a wall. You can choose to sound the clock every half-hour, quarter-hour, or per hour. Because it’s a large clock, you can expect it to be expensive as well. These timeless pieces also become family heirlooms that are passed down through generations. 


Digital clocks 

One popular example would be the alarm clocks and is easier to tell time without struggling to read the hour and minute hands. Most digital clocks also glow to let you see the time even when you’re in the dark. 


Analog clocks 

Opposite of digital clocks, this is often the common design of most wall clocks. It has minute and hour hands that are used to know what time it is. There is also a thinner hand that measures each second. Unlike digital clocks, analog clocks may take some time to learn how to read (especially among children). Nonetheless, analog clocks are widely-used, especially in homes, schools, and offices. 


These are some of the most popular types of clocks you often see at homes, offices, schools, and other establishments. You can buy them for your personal use or as a gift to a special person in your life. Visit a home décor and gift store in Franklin TN if you are looking for clock pieces that suit your purpose.

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