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Enchanting Local Art in Franklin TN

Sanctuary South is located in Franklin TN

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Sanctuary South of Franklin TN has some of the most unique home decor items for sale in the greater Nashville area.

Our friendly staff can help you find the perfect piece for your home. We get new products in daily!

We sell everything from unique furniture pieces such as tables and sitting chairs to wall art to locally made apparel.

Some of our best selling items are locally made candles.

The Franklin art scene is bristling with excitement. When you arrive in Williamson County you can feel creativity in the air. You can see it in the buzz at coffee houses, the aficionados at art galleries, and you can buy it in local boutiques.

One event that engages locals and makes visitors want to return is the free monthly art crawl that guides participants through local galleries and artist studios. For many it solidifies what everyone has been saying about franklin, Tennessee: it’s a magical place that has everything to offer.

Nestled in the rolling hills of Appalachia, Franklin is a planned community with activities for residents and tourists of all ages. But it doesn’t end with outdoor activities. It also encompasses the arts including galleries, theaters, and local productions.

Once you visit the area and become enamored with the local talent, you’ll be able to purchase a piece of their art to cherish at home, many times from local boutiques like Sanctuary South. This cozy, comforting shopping oasis is located in a beautiful corner of the area and is burgeoning with the finest examples of creative small vendors.

Enter this charming showplace and be inspired by the interior reflecting regional charm. The unique product range includes not only local art, but also jewelry, home furnishings, home décor, apparel, and mesmerizing gifts. Buy yourself a small token and your friends a one-of-a-kind treasure, or vice versa!

When the whirlwind of getaway activities leaves you breathless, come to Sanctuary South and unwind with us. 

158 Front St. FRANKLIN, TN

Sanctuary South of Franklin TN, owned by Melanie Johnson and Nicki Reeves, is one of the most unique boutique home decor and gift shops in Franklin, TN.

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