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Never Do These 5 Common Candle-Burning Mistakes Again!

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Who doesn’t love candles? Kids love to blow on it during birthdays. Some people also love collecting them as additional home décor. Or to burn one every evening after a busy day, and let the soothing scent of the burning candle waft throughout the room and consume your whole being. Plus, candles can be great gift ideas, too!


Common candle-burning mistakes to avoid 

But before you light up that match, you need to know first the most common mistakes when burning a candle at home. Just when you think you already know everything about candles and how to care for them, you might still be wrong. Avoid these common candle-burning mistakes and make the most out of your candle collection. 


Mishandling your candles 

Home décor experts recommend not displaying your candles out in the open when not used. Storing your backup candles not only will make your cabinets smell better but also keep them safe from dirt, direct sunlight, pets, and people who do not know proper candle care. 

Speaking of sunlight, make sure to keep the candles away from the sun. UV rays can cause discoloration to scented candles. Proper care and storage can also make you feel organized and satisfied that your candle collection is safely tucked away. Plus, knowing how many candles you own will prevent you from buying new candles on impulse!


Moving lit candles 

Doing so can only cause a mess, injuries, or fire hazards at home. The melted wax in the candles, when moved around, is hot, and risk burning yourself with it. Melted wax can also be hard to remove when it spills on the floor, which is truly a hassle when that happens. So if you don’t want all of these mishaps to happen, best to leave that burning candle in peace. 


Burning a candle for too long. 

Burning candles can be hypnotic, fascinating, and relaxing. Especially if it’s a scented candle and you smell its pleasant aroma. Its dim glow can also make you feel warm and cozy especially on cold nights. But apparently, burning a candle for too long is not a good idea. 

Home décor experts suggest burning candles for four hours maximum. Longer than that, and you could risk getting the vessel too hot and cause damage on the surface where you are burning the candle. In such cases, make sure to put the burning candle on a heat-resistant coaster or surface. 


Not letting the melted wax pull all the way to the edge 

It is said that burning a candle for the first time is the most crucial time. Home décor experts suggest letting the melted wax fill all the way through the vessel’s edge. Make sure to give the candle time to burn to its edges to ensure an even, nice burn until the remainder of its life. Otherwise, the candle will only burn down the middle and form a “tunnel” which can be a waste. 


Not cutting out the burnt wick 

Make sure to trim the wick from time to time. This will ensure the candle’s longevity and give off a better and more aromatic fragrance. Experts suggest trimming the wick by about a quarter of an inch. An untrimmed wick could split and burn the candle faster than usual. 


Owning candles, especially the scented ones, isn’t just for display. You should make the most out of it and experience its benefits through aromatherapy. You can check out your friendly-neighborhood home décor and gift store in Franklin TN for quality candles for your home. 

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