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Should You Use Fabric Softener? Here’s What To Know

Should You Use Fabric Softeners

Fabric softener is an everyday laundry staple. Most people use it to make clothes and linen smell good and softer. But do you know what fabric softener does, or do we need it in the first place?

There’s nothing wrong if you are using fabric softener every time you wash your clothes. But if you are using it for the first time, this guide should help you with the right use of fabric softener. You can also check out a wide assortment of fabric softeners in your favorite supermarkets. Even small businesses in your area may offer fabric softener brands that promise better-smelling and fluffier clothes. 


What does a fabric softener do? 

This laundry product does the obvious: soften clothes and other kinds of fabric. Aside from that, fabric softeners can get rid of annoying static, pilling, and wrinkles of your clothes. Most of all, it can make your laundry smell fantastic and fresh. 

Fabric softener has lubricating ingredients that make clothes and other kinds of fabric feel softer and fluffier. Hence, making your clothes look brand-new with every wash. Having said this, most people believe that fabric softeners are an important part of the laundry process. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not know when to use fabric softener.  


Common mistakes in using fabric softeners 

Laundry experts believe that using fabric softeners is not always necessary, nor make the clothes cleaner. You should not even use it for all types of fabrics. Some common mistakes people do when using fabric softeners include: 


Using it on towels. 

Sure, no one wants to use stiff and gritty towels after every shower. So the obvious solution is using a fabric softener on your bath towel. It can make your towels fluffier but can reduce their absorbency if you use too much. You can still use a small amount of fabric softener if you want. Or you can try adding a cup of white vinegar on your next load, and a half cup of baking soda while rinsing the laundry. 


Using on certain fabrics. 

Fabric softener can do more harm than good on certain fabric materials especially on polyester, nylon, wicking sportswear, elastane, and microfiber. Fabric softener’s chemicals may cause damage to these kinds of fabric.


Also, it is best not to add fabric softener on baby clothes. One, because most baby clothes are made of flame-resistant materials that can become less effective when used with fabric softener. Two, it could cause skin irritation among babies due to most fabric softeners’ harsh ingredients. 


Pouring directly on clothes. 

Never pour fabric softener straight on clothes as it can only cause stains and spots that could be hard to remove later on. Pour it first and make sure it distributes evenly before tossing the clothes into the washing machine. 


When to use fabric softener 

There is nothing wrong with using fabric softener to make your clothes smell better and feel softer. It is perfect to use on anything cotton, bedding, and pillowcases. However, be careful not to use fabric softener on certain fabrics as mentioned earlier such as: 

  • Baby clothes 
  • Microfiber towels 
  • Jerseys/sportswear such as running tights and workout clothes 


Read the instructions first before using fabric softener. Check the ingredients and choose your preferred scent. Visit a home improvement store in Franklin TN that offers home care products including quality detergent and fabric softeners. 

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