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Should You Use Treats To Train Your Dog? Here’s What You Need to Know

Should You Give Treats to Dogs

Dogs are undeniably man’s best friend. They will wait for you to come home every day, turn your life upside down, and stay by your side until the end of their short lives. They deserve a good life, so it is only right that we treat them with kindness and love thousand times over. 

It also means it is our responsibility as owners to train our pets not to soil anywhere and even do tricks for fun. Then again, dogs cannot speak like us humans so training them can be a challenge. That is why humans use treats as part of training their pets to do such. But there are also some concerns about using treats for dogs, and here’s what you should know. 

This article should clarify why treats are important during dog training without overfeeding them. You should also learn how to choose the right dog treats and use them effectively as you go along with your training journey. Some boutique stores do offer pet items and needs for your canine companion.


Why using treats are important during dog training

There are a lot of reasons why using treats is important when training your dog. 


Treats are powerful. 

Food is often used to motivate dogs to do well with the training. It serves as a reinforcer to do the tricks and follow the behavior you want your pet to learn. It’s like when you go to work every day, it’s not always because you are there to please the boss. Rather, it is most likely because of the pay and other benefits.


It is accessible. 

Giving treats are easy to do during training. But pet owners should still be careful when giving treats as they might overdo it and end up as a bribe rather than a reinforcer.  


Should you always give treats to dogs? 

It is understandable to feel that you should not always rely on treats to teach your dog how to behave. Don’t worry, you don’t have to use them all the time during your training session. Although, there is a truth that using treats will indeed help with your dog training. 

However, you should also make sure that you do not overfeed your dog with treats. This is where most dog owners make the mistake of giving their dogs too many treats. There are also a lot of dog owners who eventually end up training because they think they should use it forever on their pets. 

But as mentioned, giving treats could end up as bribes if you overdo it. You would know you have “bribed” your dog if it does not respond to your cues unless you show the dog some treats. A reinforcement, such as food treats, should be treated as a reward for being a “good dog”, not something to push them to do the behavior you want your dog to do. 

Choosing a treat can be trial and error. Offer your pet different treat options and find out which treat excites your pet best. Some dogs like pieces of vegetables, others like kibble, some like meat. It is for you to find out which treat your dog will like best. You can also buy other pet care and needs in a boutique store in Franklin TN

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