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Stop Doing These 4 Common Mistakes as an Event Guest

How to be a Bad Guest

Public events might have taken a backseat since last year such as major sporting events, music concerts, and so on. Although somehow the restrictions have been eased recently, there is no doubt how it somehow feels different not being able to socialize in events pre-pandemic days.

Who doesn’t miss attending birthdays or house parties and bringing in gifts and décor stuff on holidays? Who doesn’t miss going to concerts, touch skin-to-skin with other people, all without the need to wear a face mask? Regardless, we need to know how to be a good guest no matter what the event is. The last thing that you want to happen is getting bad stares or even being kicked out as a guest.


How to be a bad guest 

No matter the event you are attending, it is a must to respect it and be a good guest. So the next time you go to an event, make sure not to do these annoying, cringe-inducing, bad guest habits.


Being an “early bird”

Time is of the essence, and the event hosts would very much appreciate it if no one comes late for the event. You might also be too eager to see friends and relatives you haven’t seen for a long time. But make sure not to be too eager when it comes to your arrival time.

If you arrive too early, the host might still be cooking the food or preparing for the event. There’s nothing wrong with arriving a little early than the given time, but make sure to do so about 15 minutes before the event starts. When you arrive, do not just retreat into a corner and wait for the event to start. Instead, make sure to say hello to the host and mingle with the other guests there first.


Bringing an uninvited guest 

If you do decide to bring a “plus one” to the event, make sure to ask permission from the host first. Or unless the invitation allows you to do so, then go ahead. Otherwise, it is a major turn-off to come up to the event uninvited.


Not following the dress code 

Do you want to feel left out at an event? Do not follow the dress code. Before going to an event, make sure to check the invitation for any required dress code. You do not want to wear a business suit if you are going to attend a rock concert, tattered jeans at your cousin’s garden wedding… you get the idea. After all, you would want to get noticed for a good reason.


Not bringing a gift 

You might have been assured that your presence matters more than the gifts the hosts will get. But it is also a good gesture to bring a token for the celebrant or the host. You don’t need to spend a lot of money only on gifts.

Not sure what to give? Find a gift that suits the occasion. If it’s for a wedding, find something that the bride and groom will appreciate. The same goes when attending a kid’s birthday, and so on. And don’t forget to add a personal touch to your gift by attaching a card.

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