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Follow These Tips to Keep Reusable Water Bottles Squeaky-Clean

Tips on Cleaning Water Bottles

Environmental awareness is a major thing these days. By being environment-conscious, that doesn’t only always mean cleaning your surroundings. It also means replacing single-use plastic with reusable ones. Speaking of reusable, reusable water bottles are so “in” these days!

Reusable water bottles are available in different colors, sizes, and designs you can choose from. You can take it with you anytime and anywhere you go, whether at the gym, when you’re doing outdoor activities, in your car, or in your office. These kinds of water bottles are also available in your favorite grocery stores, sports stores, or you can also order them online


Why you should clean your reusable water bottle

We should not take your water bottle for granted. It can serve its purpose for years with proper care. Your water bottle does not clean on its own, so make sure you wash it properly. Otherwise, you might be drinking bacteria and germs along with your drinks the next time you use them! Ack!

A study from Treadmill Reviews reveals that an athlete’s water bottle contains more than 310,000 CFU (colony-forming units) per square centimeter – way higher than the acceptable 2,937 CFU per square centimeter! We all know that molds thrive in a moist environment, which is why you should always make sure to keep your reusable water bottles squeaky clean. 


How to clean your reusable water bottle

Drinking on an unwashed water bottle puts you at risk of exposure to illness-causing bacteria and germs. To ensure that you’re using a safe and clean drinking bottle, make sure to know the proper ways of cleaning it. It could be quite a chore, but it should not be dreadful, either. 


Cleaning options 

There are three ways to clean your reusable water bottles. For one, most water bottles are dishwasher-safe. You can also use liquid dish soap and warm water. Common household items such as baking soda and bleach, and distilled white vinegar are also effective in cleaning your water bottles. Make sure to rinse thoroughly after using these cleaning agents.


Cleaning tips 

It is important to clean your water bottle every day, especially every after use. Also, make sure that the brush or sponge you are using is clean as well. Other water bottle cleaning tips include: 

  • Clean both outsides and inside of the bottle, and let it dry with a clean dishtowel or paper towel. 
  • If you haven’t used the water bottle for a long time, give it a warm, soapy wash first. Better yet, add a teaspoon of bleach or vinegar then let it sit overnight before rinsing and using it afterward. 
  • Don’t forget to wash the lid, cap, or straw of the bottle as well. If the bottle has several parts, take them out separately before cleaning. 
  • Consider buying straw cleaners if you are using reusable straws. Make sure to clean it as well after use, using a mix of dishwashing liquid and warm water. 


Everyone should have at least one reusable water bottle in handy. Not only it is eco-friendly but can also save you money from buying drinks with single-use plastic containers. Of course, you need to take care and clean your water bottle so that it will last for years. For now, you can check out a gifts store in Franklin TN for a wide assortment of water bottles that suits your fancy and drinking needs. 

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